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News fpr Sailor Moon's Anime and Manga
Within 2 weeks after Otakon ending there was a poll posted over on ANN for the Official Toei poll for "What Anime would you like to see on you VOD (Video On Demand). Sailor Moon was among the list.

Quoted from Moon Chase- August 12, 2007- "Breaking News: New TOEI Poll- Moonies, now is your chance! Toei looks like it wants to expand it's VOD (Video On Demand) service to North America. Go vote at AAN's poll for Sailor Moon - it's too bad though that the dubs are not an option as this point in time but we hope to see them soon."

Since this post the poll has ended and out of 3979 votes SAIOR MOON WON with 2535 votes with 63.7% of the poll. (The second place went to Digimon which is very propalar over in Japan. Congratautions to everyone! On September 5th, 2007 (just 3 days ago) Toei is going through with their plan. They started continuing expanding anime on BB service.

Quoted from Moon Chase- September 5th, 2007- "BREAKING NEWS: Toei Continues Expanding Anime BB Service!- Not too long ago, we told you of a promotion being offered to Japan's BIGLOBE cable subscribers where streaming anime from Toei's Anime BB service was being offered for free for nearly a month. It seems that this trial was really popular and now Toei has expanded their service to BIGLOBE subscribers! For a monthly fee of ¥1554 (or $13.50 USD) subscribers will have unlimited access to Toei's library consisting of 1000s of titles. There are also other plans in place for subscribers, and we assume they are similar to the lite plan offered by FLETS. As a special bonus, some parts of this month's access will be free of charge! For fans who are wondering, we have finally learned a few more details about the format of the episodes. We already knew that they were in Windows Media Video (.wmv) format, but we now can confirm that each episode carries a bitrate of 1 Mbps! Fist of the North Star, Sailor Moon, Digimon, and Galaxy Railroad 999 are all among titles that will be offered.

One article commented that now that this service is available, no Toei anime fan is being overlooked. We are still waiting here in North America (and perhaps all over the rest of the world), anticipating the potential launch of Anime BB here. The question is, now that the service has conquered Japan, when will it conquer other countries? We're really hoping that Toei doesn't jump on this bandwagon last, as there are already Anime on Demand services popping up through cable providers and Azureus Vuze and our favorite, Joost. Europe's Gong is available internationally on Joost, and though their English programming selection isn't vast, it serves it's purpose well and is a very innovative way for anime delivery. So Toei, what are you waiting for?"

So keep your eyes out because you in a matter of time we should be hearing about when this service is avable here in the US!!!

Also great news from Moon Chase was that Yoshihiro Togashi (creator of Hunter X Hunter) just annouce after getting a lot of fans letters asking when Hunter X Hunter will return and whats up with him if he's sick or what. So his respond was "Hunter X Hunter Fans mark your calendars for October 6th." Stated on his official blog! Presonally I just start reading the manga, so I'm happy to hear that there is more. I did not know there was a petition until I read over at Moon Chase's coverage of the updating news from Togashi-sensei's blog which was pretty cool to hear, because just a month ago I was just talking to Moon Jump after this at Otakon. It seems to be a good year so far! Some people think since they got an answer from Togashi-sensei that they could get some news from Takeuchi-sensei. I wouldn't hold your beath of it, since she isn't working on anything now expet for her website "Sailor Moon Channel". She's been making flash animation for each of her acts from Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon. Which is kind of cool, but at the same time I wish I find out anymore information about PQ Angels, anything about a second volume on Toki Meka, is Love With/Sister Witch, The Punch Series and PQ Angel ever going to be release on graphic novel format? I would to see if Naoko Takeuchi would ever think about coming back to the states to be a guest at a con?! I love to meet her and ask these questions, but at the same time ask some art relate questions since Takeuchi-sensei is the artist that I'm so inspire from. If it wasn't for her and her series Sailor Moon I do not know what career that I would have gotten it to. I don't know even know if I would have gotten into art. So I'm very glad that the one day when I was browsing through the channels to find something good on that I came across the animation (Dub) Sailor Moon. At the time (which has been more than 10 years +) I was like what is this, a different style of animation un like Disney animations. So later I went online and went on to resource tons of tons of information.

Tokyopop is still working getting the renewing licensing for Sailor Moon!
As some fans already know from posts from, and Neo Nobility. If not, I had the option to attend the Tokyopop panel at Otakon and asked them about if they still plan on getting the renewing licensing for Sailor Moon. What they told me at the panel is that they are still working getting the renewing licensing for Sailor Moon and once they get an approval they would love to release Sailor Moon in the new style which is referring to the second edition of Sailor Moon and use of the original names. See I took an example of their old release Sailor Moon volume and the first volume of the second edition with me to the panel and shown it to them. (In the video over on ANN (if you skip to the 28 minute mark) you only hear me asking the question not holding up the books to show them) I also asked them about translating her other series and maybe her artbooks and (after I held of my Infinity artbook and my copy of Toki*Meca volume 1) they said that they are thinking about it. I'm just glad to hear that they are still working on getting Sailor Moon! Right after I announce this; some fans on genvid's forum were coming up with a set date. Ok to clear things up. There is not set date. Since Tokyopop told us at the panel what they planned to release the rest of this year and next year. I only mention in the video that Nick took of me to look for 2009 to 2010 + for any news and keep on supporting Tokyopop because you just never know what will happen.

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