Takeshi, Naoki/ Tsukino, Shingo

Actor Information

Name: Takeshi, Naoki[family name - given name]
Character Name: Tsukino, Shingo[family name - given name]
Birthplace: N/A
Blood Type: N/A
Birthday: 3/28/1993
Astrological Sign: Aries
Hobbies: N/A
Agency: Theatrical Company Tohai Corporation
Official Website: Naoki was Number #0111 over on Theatrical Company Tohai Corporation website, until they changed their site with only the T*Project kids listed.

Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon: Special Act - as Shingo Tsukino

Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon - as Shingo Tsukino (First Appearence: Act 1)

Other Misc Works

Character Informaton

Character Name: Tsukino, Shingo [family - given name]
Actor: Takeshi, Naoki
First Appearance: Act 1
Occupation: Usagi's little brother
Hair Color: Dark Brown hair
Hair Style: Short
Other: Shingo is your average little brother. He is the son of Tsukino Ikuko and Kenji. Shingo has an older sister named Usagi. He likes to play videogames. At other times, he bickers with his sister.

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