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Volume 1

Romaji Title: Bishoujo Senshi Seeraamuun 1 Shinshouhan (1) KC-derakkusu-1776
English Title: Pretty Guardian Sailormoon 1 New Cover Edition (1) KC-Deluxe-1776

Release Date: September 22, 2003
Company: Kodansha (English Site: Kodan Club)
Language: Japanese
ISBN Number: 4-06-334776-1

Number of Pages: 241
Number of Acts: 6
Height: 18 cm
Author: Takeuchi Naoko
Other: This is the first of the re-released manga editions. This manga was released at the same time as volume 2. On the first printing of this manga, there was an advertizement for the glasses from the Live-Action Pretty Guardian Sailormoon Show.

Additions: These are some of the main editions/changes in this volume from the original Bishoujo Senshi Sailormoon (BSSM) Manga:

1) The cover has a new drawing of Sailormoon
2) The back cover has a new drawing of a small Sailormoon in front of a gold crescent moon.
3) There is a pink removable ad wrapped around the book. It advertizes a contest to win small glasses/cups from the Live-Action Pretty Guardian Sailormoon Show.
4) Inside, is a set of 14 stickers. It includes chibi (small) versions of all the senshi and Luna, a PGSM logo, and Sailormoon sitting on a crescent moon.
Next, is the inside title page for the volume. It is a color picture of Sailormoon sitting on a crescent moon. At the top is a pink strip, with the PGSM title, and "1" for the volume number.
5) A one page color picture of Princess Serenity.
6) A one page color manga. This is the first page of Act 1, which has been colored in.
7) A two page color title page for Act 1. It is Sailormoon with white hair with yellow highlights, wearing her goggles. Next to her is Luna.
8) A color contents page for this volume with a small Sailormoon at the bottom.
9) The notes from Naoko have been replaced with chibi (small) versions of the senshi.
10) The volume has 6 Acts compared to the 5 Acts of the original version.
The four main senshi (Venus, Mars, Mercury, and Jupiter) are called "guardians."
11) Pages of the manga have been re-drawn or touched up.
12) Certain scenes have been updated. Such as, in Act 2, Ami's floppy disk has been replaced by a CD-ROM.

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Bishoujo Senshi Sailor Moon is a copyright of Naoko Takeuchi, Toei Animation Studios.