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Special Act

Romaji Title: Bishoujo Senshi Seeraamuun Special Act
English Title: Pretty Guardian Sailormoon Special Act

Release Date: Novemer 26, 2004
Company: Bandai Visual
Language: Japanese
Region: 2 (Requires a Region 2 or Regionless Player)

Number of Episodes: 4
Length: 50 Minutes
Other: Color, Dolby Digital Stereo, Single Sided Dual-Layer Disk.
Description: This DVD is listed as a Special, "Original Video Edition," never aired on TV. It comes with a Collectors Box which can hold the first 7 DVDs. This "Special Act" is set four years after the last battle of Act 49. Mamoru and Usagi are planning to get married. The girls can no longer transform without the ginzuishou (only Luna retains the ability to henshin). It is then that Mio plans to revive the Dark Kingdom and attack.

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