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Dance Lesson Video

Romaji Title: Isshou ni Odorou! Seeraamuun Suupaa Dansu Resson
English Title: Let's Dance Together! Sailormoon Super Dance Lesson

Release Date: July 2004
Company: Shogakukan
Language: Japanese
Region: 2 (Requires a Region 2 or Regionless Player)

Number of Episodes: Special
Length: 17 Minutes
Label: Shogakukan
Other: This is a Dance Video available only through applications in select Magazines. To purchse it, you must have an original copy of the application that is available in the August issues (released in July) of Youchien, Mebae, and Shougaku Ichinensei. The application must be sent via postal mail no later than July 31, 2004. The cost is 980 yen (the 110 yen domestic shipping fee is included), but a 70 yen commission fee is required also.

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