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Romaji Title: Bishoujo Senshi Seeraamuun Orijinaru Arubamu DJMuun 2
English Title: Pretty Guardian Sailormoon Original Album DJMoon 2

Release Date: May 19, 2004
Company: Columbia Music Entertainment
Language: Japanese
Format: CD Ablum
Number of Tracks: 21
Bonus: This is the second volume of DJ Moon. It comes with a picture-labeled disk. Similar to the conversation tracks on DJ Moon 1. However, these tracks (somewhat) follow a plot.

Track List
Track 1
Track Title: DJ 1
Length: 0:21

Track 2
Romaji Title: Kirari*SeeraaDoriimu Maachi (BGM)
English Title: Sparkling*Sailor Dream March (BGM)
Note: This is a BGM, or background music
Length: 4:29

Track 3
Track Title: DJ 2
Length: 2:07

Track 4
Romaji Title: (Shudaika) Kirari*SeeraaDoriimu
English Title: (Theme Song) Sparkling*Sailor Dream
Sung By: Sae
Length: 4:28

Track 5
Track Title: DJ 3
Length: 1:47

Track 6
Romaji Title: Daisuke na ano Hito to (BGM)
English Title: With that loved person (BGM)
Note: This is a BGM, or background music
Length: 4:02

Track 7
Track Title: DJ 4
Length: 1:45

Track 8
Romaji Title: Obaa Reinbou (Haato) Tsuaa
English Title: Over Rainbow (Heart) Tour
Sung By: Tsukino Usagi (Sawai Miyuu)
Length: 3:35

Track 9
Track Title: DJ 5
Length: 2:07

Track 10
Romaji Title: Daaku Kingudamu no Shijuushi(BGM)
English Title: Four Followers of the Dark Kingdom (BGM)
Note: This is a BGM, or background music
Length: 3:33

Track 11
Track Title: DJ 6
Length: 2:33

Track 12
Romaji Title: C'est La Vie ~ watashi no naka no koi suru bubun
English Title: C'est La Vie ~ The loving part inside me
Sung By: Aino Minako (Komatsu Ayaka)
Length: 4:02

Track 13
Track Title: DJ 7
Length: 1:18

Track 14
Romaji Title: Kuiin Metaria(BGM)
English Title: Queen Metaria (BGM)
Note: This is a BGM, or background music
Length: 4:02

Track 15
Track Title: DJ 8
Length: 1:39

Track 16
Romaji Title: Raburri Eeru
English Title: Lovely Yell
Sung By: Kino Makoto ((Azama Myuu)
Length: 4:16

Track 17
Track Title: DJ 9
Length: 0:31

Track 18
Romaji Title: Yakusoku
English Title: Promise
Sung By: Mizuno Ami (Hama Chisaki)
Length: 4:24

Track 19
Track Title: DJ 10
Length: 1:55

Track 20
Romaji Title: Sakura Fubuki
English Title: Cherry Blossom Snow Storm
Sung By: Hino Rei (Kitagawa Keiko)
Length: 4:26

Track 21
Track Title: DJ 11
Length: 2:27

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