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Romaji Title: Bishoujo Senshi Seeraamuun Orijinaru Arubamu DJMuun 1
English Title: Pretty Guardian Sailormoon Original Album DJMoon 1

Release Date: February 14, 2004
Company: Columbia Music Entertainment
Language: Japanese
Format: CD Ablum
Number of Tracks: 36
Bonus: The first edition CD came with a DJMoon Sticker and a color booklet with photos. The actual disk has a picture label. A special DJ Moon Poster was also given away with the CD, provided the CD was purchased at select stores in Japan. This is a CD version of the radio program that aired in Japan called "DJ Moon" where the actresses talked, acted, and played various songs. The tracks called "DJ" are the speaking portions of the radio program. It also has BGMs (Background Music). The disk also comes in a jewel case that opens from the right. The spine is white colored. The disk has pictures of the senshi's faces on it. The back of the CD case lists the tracks and has small images of the actresses and Luna. (All the acctresses'image are from the DJ Moon Radio program, except or Ayaka's picture, which is from the show). The lyrics booklet is shiny paper and ten pages long. The CD comes with a DJ Moon sticker that is similar to the picture on the disk.
Lyrics Book Page Descriptions:
Page 1: Track listing on a pink background.
Page 2: Image of Sawai in front of a microphone with a little information about her and her character beneath the picture.
Page 3: Image os Hama sitting in front of a microphone. Below her is a little information about her and her character.
Page 4: Image of Kitagawa sitting in front of a sound board. Below is some information about her and her character.
Page 5: Image of Azama sitting in front of a sound board. Below is some information about her and her character.
Page 6: Lyrics for both Kirari*SailorDream and Over Rainbow Tour.
Page 7: Image of Ayaka, posing at a photo shoot. The top of her image says "special guest." Below that is a small image of the "Venus" CD poster and some information of Ayaka and Venus.
Page 8: Lyrics to both Katagoshi ni Kinsei and C'est La Vie.
Page 9 & 10: Image of Hama, Sawai, Kitagawa, and Azama hosting the radio program. Luna has been digitally added. Below that is a staff list.

DJ Moon Poster

Track List
Track 1
Track Title: DJ 1
Length: 0:40

Track 2
Romaji Song Title: Usagi no Tanoshii Ichinichi
English Song Title: Usagi's One Fun Day
Note: BGM
Length: 2:22

Track 3
Track Title: DJ 2
Length: 1:04

Track 4
Romaji Title: Kirari*SeeraaDoriimu
English Title: Sparkling*Sailor Dream
Sung By: Sae
Length: 4:28

Track 5
Track Title: DJ 3
Length: 0:59

Track 6
Romaji Title: Nonbiri Usagi no Ichinichi
English Title: One Day of Carefree Usagi
Note: BGM
Length: 2:07

Track 7
Romaji Title: Okaimono ni Oh-Isogashi
English Title: Very Busy Shopping
Note: BGM
Length: 1:46

Track 8
Romaji Title: Kokorobosoi Hitori no o Rusuban
English Title: Caretaker of the Lonely Person
Note: BGM
Length: 2:50

Track 9
Romaji Title: Watashi wa o Himesama
English Title: I am the Princess
Note: BGM
Length: 2:26

Track 10
The character song (Song from Act 13 when Usagi & Mamoru are on motocycle, and on DJ Moon Radio)
Romaji Title: Obaa Reinbou (Haato) Tsuaa
English Title: Over Rainbow (Heart) Tour
Sung By: Tsukino Usagi (Sawai Miyuu)
Length: 3:34

Track 11
Track Title: DJ 4
Length: 0:33

Track 12
Romaji Title: Higeki no Shujinkou
English Title: Heroine of the Tragedy
Note: BGM
Length: 2:01

Track 13
Romaji Title: Onnanoko wa, Tokitoki Samishiino
English Title: The Girl is Occassionally Lonely
Note: BGM
Length: 2:24

Track 14
Track Title: DJ 5
Length: 0:57

Track 15
Romaji Title: Oshaberi Luna
English Title: Chatty Luna
Note: BGM
Length: 2:07

Track 16
Romaji Title: Fushigi na Mahou no Aitemu
English Title: Item of Strange Magic
Note: BGM
Length: 1:32

Track 17
Track Title: DJ 6
Length: 0:26

Track 18
Romaji Title: Seeraamuun ni Meiku Appo
English Title: Make-up as Sailormoon
Note: BGM
Length: 1:12

Track 19
Romaji Title: Seeraamaakyuri ni Meiku Appo
English Title: Make-up as Sailormercury
Note: BGM
Length: 1:06

Track 20
Romaji Title: Seeraajupitaa ni Meiku Appo
English Title: Make-up as Sailorjupiter
Note: BGM
Length: 1:14

Track 21
Romaji Title: Seeraamaasu ni Meiku Appo
English Title: Make-up as Sailormars
Note: BGM
Length: 0:58

Track 22
Track Title: DJ 7
Length: 0:17

Track 23
Romaji Title: Akogare no Takishiido Kamen
English Title: Longing for Tuxedo Mask
Note: BGM
Length: 2:10

Track 24
Romaji Title: Uwaa Youma Daa
English Title: Oh! That's a Youma!
Note: BGM
Length: 1:50

Track 25
Track Title: DJ 8
Length: 2:48

Track 26
The new song (Song Minako sings in ferris wheel and on DJ Moon Radio)
Romaji Title: Katagoshi ni Kinsei
English Title: Shoulder Crossing Over Venus
Sung By: Aino Minako (Komatsu Ayaka)
Length: 4:35

Track 27
Romaji Title: Seeraa V
English Title: Sailor V
Note: BGM
Length: 0:59

Track 28
Track Title: DJ 9
Length: 2:48

Track 29
Romaji Title: Daaku Kingudamu
English Title: Dark Kingdom
Note: BGM
Length: 0:53

Track 30
Romaji Title: Kuin Beriru-sama
English Title: Queen Beryl-sama
Note: BGM
Length: 1:11

Track 31
Romaji Title: Daaku Kingudamu Shitennou
English Title: Dark Kingdom Four Heavenly Kings
Note: BGM
Length: 2:05

Track 32
Romaji Title: Seeraa Senshi no Tatakai
English Title: Battle of the Sailor Soldiers
Note: BGM
Length: 1:43

Track 33
Romaji Title: Chiba Mamoru Koto Takishiido Kamen
English Title: Chiba Mamoru a.k.a. Tuxedo Mask
Note: BGM
Length: 1:39

Track 34
Romaji Title: Sate, Jikai wa
English Title: Well, Next Time
Note: BGM
Length: 1:43

Track 35
Track Title: DJ 10
Length: 0:48

Track 36
Romaji Title: C'est La Vie ~ watashi no naka no koi suru bubun
English Title: C'est La Vie ~ The loving part inside me
Sung By: Aino Minako (Komatsu Ayaka)
Length: 1:39

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