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Koro-chan Pack CD

Romaji Title: Koro-chan Pakku Bishoujo Senshi Seraamuun 1
English Title: Koro-chan Pack Pretty Guardian Sailormoon 1

Release Date: February 25, 2003
Company: Columbia Music Entertainment
Language: Japanese
Format: CD Ablum
Number of Tracks: 6
Bonus: This CD was originally going to be released on 21st January 2004, but it seems to have been delayed. It will contain "Kirari * Sailor Dream!", "C'est la vie ~ Watashi no Naka no Koisuru Bubun" and other character songs. Packaging: This CD comes wrapped in plastic on a piece of cardboard. The back of the cardboard is pink and says "Koro-chan Pack" at the top. Below that is a picture of the back of the CD booklet, which lists the CD tracks. The front of the cardboard is what the CD/Jewelcase and lyrics booklet sit upon. The top is green, yellow, teal, blue, orange, and pink polka dots. The bottom part has two little maze games.
CD Case: The CD disk itself comes in a simple clear plastic jewel case, which opens on the left.
Lyrics Booklet: A lyrics book also comes with the Koro-chan Pack CD. It is a large, hard cover book. It is ten pages long. It has the lyrics to all the songs included on the CD. It also has a few pages of images.
Book Page Descriptions:
Page 1 & 2: Lyrics for Kirari*SailorDream, with a pink background. The senshi (Sailorjupiter, Sailormercury, Sailormoon, Sailormars, and Sailorvenus) pose together. On the far right of page two are small pictures of the actresses. All of the pictures but Ayaka's were taken during the DJ Moon Radio program. (Ayaka's picture is one from the series).
Disk Page 3: Page three contains several images of Usagi in her various disguised forms. The front image is of Usagi holding up the TeletiaS Cellphone. The other images (left to right, top to bottom) are Usagi transformed into a miko (priestess), Usagi trying on a pink dress for the costume party, Usagi disguised as one of the models for Osaka-san's show (the one with the silver-gray dress), and Usagi disguised as a doctor.
Page 4: Lyrics for Katagoshi ni Kinsei, with an orange background. On the page is a full image of Sailorvenus, a shot of Sailorvenus from the chest up, and a picture of Aino Minako.
Page 5: Image of Sailormoon holding up the Moonlight Stick on a pink-purple background.
Page 6: Lyrics for Over Rainbow Tour, with a pink background. Full image of Sailormoon on the right. At the bottom, a small picture of the four senshi preparing to battle.
Page 7: Lyrics for Sakura Fubuki, with an orange-red background. Full image os Sailormars to the left. Small image of Sailormars on the top right.
Page 8: Group of five photos. (Left to right, top to bottom) The four senshi facing off Queen Beryl on the roof. Full image of Tuxedo Kamen. Sailormoon and Sailormercury preparing to fight together in Act 2. Sailorjupiter and Sailormars preparing to fight against Jadeite. Picture of Chiba Mamoru.
Page 9: Lyrics for C'est la Vie, with a purple background. On the bottom left of the page is an image of all five senshi. Jupiter, Moon, and Mars are standing, while Mercury and Venus are sitting.
Page 10: Image of the villains. Pictures of Jadeite, Zoisite, Kunzite, and Nephrite. A large picture of Queen Beryl.

Track List
Track 1
Romaji Title: Kirari*SeeraaDorimu
English Title: Sparkling*Sailor Dream
Sung By: Sae
Length: 4:31

Track 2
Romaji Title: Katagoshi ni Kinsei
English Title: Venus Over the Shoulder
Sung By: Aino Minako (Komatsu Ayaka)
Length: 4:36

Track 3
Romaji Title: Ooba Reinboo Tsuaa
English Title: Over Rainbow Tour
Sung By: Tsukino Usagi (Sawai Miyuu)
Length: 3:46

Track 4
Romaji Title: Sakura Fubuki
English Title: Cherry Tree Snow Storm
Sung By: Hino Rei (Kitagawa Keiko)
Length: 4:29

Track 5
Romaji Title: C'est La Vie ~ watashi no naka no koi suru bubun
English Title: C'est La Vie ~ The loving part inside me
Sung By: Aino Minako (Komatsu Ayaka)
Length: 4:05

Track 6
Romaji Title: Kirari*SeeraaDorimu (Orijinaru Karaoke)
English Title: Sparkling*Sailor Dream (Original Karaoke)
Other: This is the karaoke (or music without words) version of Kirari*Sailor Dream
Length: 4:29

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