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Koro-chan Pack 3 CD

Romaji Title: Koro-chan Pakku Bishoujo Senshi Seraamuun 3
English Title: Koro-chan Pack Pretty Guardian Sailormoon 3

Release Date: July 21, 2004
Company: Columbia Music Entertainment
Language: Japanese
Format: CD Ablum
Number of Tracks: 6
Bonus: This is the third Koro-chan Pack CD. It comes with a picture book (similar to the hard cover picture book that came with the firs Koro-chan Pack CD).

Track List
Track 1
Romaji Title: Kirari*SeeraaDoriimu
English Title: Sparkling*Sailor Dream
Sung By: Sae
Length: 4:28

Track 2
Romaji Title: Here we go! -Shinjiru Chikara-
English Title: Here we go! -Power To Believe-
Sung By: Tsukino Usagi (Sawai Miyuu)

Track 3
Romaji Title: Mi Amor (Mi Amooru)
English Title: My Love (My Love) [Note: Original title is in Spanish]
Sung By: Mizuno Ami (Hama Chisaki)
Length: 4:54

Track 4
Romaji Title: Hoshi Furu Yoake
English Title: Stars Fall at Dawn
Sung By: Hino Rei (Kitagawa Keiko)

Track 5
Romaji Title: Miracle Dance Night
English Title: Miracle Dance Night
Sung By: Kino Makoto (Azama Myuu)
Length: 4:17

Track 6
Romaji Title: Romance
English Title: Romance
Sung By: Aino Minako (Komatsu Ayaka)

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