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PGSM Brilliance

Romaji Title: Brilliance
English Title: Brilliance

Release Date: March 16, 2005
Company: Vap Music
Language: Japanese
Format: CD Ablum
Number of Tracks: 11
Bonus: Includes a DVD with behind the scenes and two video clips (Limited Edition set only)
Other: A non-limited edition version is available. The catalogue number for regular edition is VPCC-81506. It costs 2800 yen (us$28) and has only 1 disk (it doesn't include the DVD).
Description: This is Kawabe Chieko's (Naru in PGSM, Sailor Mercury in several SeraMyu) first album (contains more songs than her singles). It contains songs from 3 of her singles. The Limited Special Edition includes a DVD with bonus material.

Track List
Track 1
Romaji Title: Brilliance
English Title: Brilliance

Track 2
Romaji Title: Shining!
English Title: Shining!

Track 3
Romaji Title: Kizuna Iro
English Title: Colored Bonds

Track 4
Romaji Title: Pink! Pink! Pink!
English Title: Pink! Pink! Pink!

Track 5
Romaji Title: Little Wing
English Title: Little Wing

Track 6
Romaji Title: Over
English Title: Over

Track 7
Romaji Title: I Can't Wait
English Title: I Can't Wait

Track 8
Romaji Title: Cry Baby
English Title: Cry Baby

Track 9
Romaji Title: Be Your Girl
English Title: Be Your Girl

Track 10
Romaji Title: Leave Me Alone
English Title: Leave Me Alone

Track 11
Romaji Title: Hoshi ne Negai o
English Title: Wish on a Star

DVD Contents
Romaji Title: Shining! (VIDEO CLIP)
English Title: Shining! (VIDEO CLIP)

Romaji Title: Kizuna Iro (VIDEO CLIP)
English Title: Colored Bonds (VIDEO CLIP)

Romaji Title: Ofu-shootto
English Title: Off Shot

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