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Romaji Title: Ame
English Title: Rain

Release Date: January 8, 2003
Company: Avex
Language: Japanese
Format: CD Ablum
Number of Tracks: 3
Bonus: First Press Comes with 1 of 5 possible Trading Stickers. (Only 100 of the total will be special stickers with Moeco's signature)
Description: This is Moeco's fifth single

Track List
Track 1
Romaji Title: Ame
English Title: Rain
Other: Lyrics- Moritaka Chisato, Music- Matsuura Seiji, Music Arrangement- Iwato Takashi

Track 2
Romaji Title: Summer Breeze
English Title: Summer Breeze
Other: Lyrics- Kawamura Saiko, Music Composition- TSUKASA, Arrangement- Uesugi Hiroshi

Track 3
Romaji Title: Doki Doki ~ Jitensha ni Notte ~
English Title: Beat Beat ~ Riding the Bicycle~
Note: "Doki Doki" is the sound of a heart beat.
Other: Lyrics- Moeco, Music Composition& Arrangement- Kurusawa Hideki

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