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PGSM Bandai Trading Cards Information

Romaji Title: KaadodasuEX Bishoujo Senshi Seeraamuun (Jisshaban) Toreka BOX
English Title: CarddasEX Pretty Guardian Sailormoon (Live-Action) Trading Card BOX

Release Date: December 20, 2003
Maker: Bandai

Total Unique Cards: 60
Types: 42 Normal Cards, 18 Special Cards (6 sticker cards & 12 foil cards)
Number of packages in box: 15
Cards per pack: 8 (plus an instruction card on using the cards in the TeletiaS
Total in Box: 120
Other: These cards can be used with the TeletiaS cellphone toy.

Card Gallery
(Note: These cards below were download off mIRC in either #pgsm or #tv-nihon's channels from one of the servers a while back and I un-zip the file on 4/25/04. Then I reside the images down to thumbnails sizes and larger images sizes of the cards. Please enjoy!)
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Below are a few more that I found off a ebay listing.

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Bishoujo Senshi Sailor Moon is a copyright of Naoko Takeuchi, Toei Animation Studios.