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Warriors of Legend: Reflections of Japan in Sailor Moon

Romaji Title: Densetsu no Senshi
English Title: WoL: Warriors of Legend. RoJ: Reflections of Japan (WoL Vol. 1)

Release Date: May 16, 2005. (Official release May 24, 2005)
Company: Genvid L.L.C.
Publisher: BookSurge Press
Authors: Jay Navok and Sushil K. Rudranath
Photos By: Yosenex Orengo
Language: English
Format: Book
Number of Pages: 148 Pages
ISBN Number: 1-4196-0814-2
Library of Congress Number: 2-0059-0397-6
Volume Number: Book 1 of the Warriors of Legend series.
Special Supplement: Sailormoon Manga Style Capsule Figure
Title Notes: Translated into Japanese it is "Densetsu no Senshi." Senshi referring to the Sailor Senshi and Densetsu referring to Moonlight Densetsu, the Anime theme song.
Other: This is the first volume in what will become a series by the creators of Written by North American fans of the series, this book provides an interesting and unique look at the world and phenomena of Sailor Moon. This book does not look at the influence of the anime in Japan, but rather the influence of Japan on the anime. With an in depth look at the history, culture, and society of Japan, you will be sure to learn many new things about the country. Included in this book is a detailed analysis of the characters, explaining many of Takeuchi's inspirations for character designs. Topics range from idol inspirations for Ami's appearance to Japanese theater's influence on Haruka. The book also provides a paper tour through Sailor Moon's Tokyo. Thoughtful descriptions explain the origins of many of the locations used in the series, from Mamoru's KO University to Madame Rose's "Princess Seminar" Mansion. If you've ever wanted to know the Sailor Moon landmarks to visit on a trip to Japan, this is the place. The authors has a video on the guide tour to Japan at their site which will be feature as their next volume in the series. Fan dedication and research goes to new lengths to create this original and detailed analysis of the Sailor Moon world.

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