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PGSM Figure Maniacs Book

Sailormoon Manga Style Capsule Figure

Romaji Title: Figyua Maniakksu Bandai Bendaa Figyua Supesharu (kari)
English Title: Figure Maniacs - Bandai Vendor Figure Special (Temporary Name)

Release Date: June 30, 2005
Company: Bandai
Publisher: Kadokawa Publishing
Language: Japanese
Format: Media Works
Number of Pages: 112 Pages
ISBN Number: 4-8402-2721-7
Size: 148x210 mm (A5 size)
Special Supplement: Sailormoon Manga Style Capsule Figure
Bonus: This is a book released by Bandai which talks about the capsule toy figures released for various shows including "Bishoujo Senshi Sailormoon," "Evangelion," "Sakura Taisen," and "Gainax Heroines." The book is a how to on the hobbey of collecting capsule toys from buying them to putting them together. This book comes with a special Sailormoon Capsule Figure. Capsule Figures also known as "Gashapon Figures" are small figurines that come in plastic balls from prize machines in Japan. (The word "gashapon" is supposed to represent the sound of the ball as it comes out of the machine)

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