Moriwaka, Kaori/ Tsukino, Ikuko

Actress Information

Name: Moriwaka, Kaori[family name - given name]
Character Name: Tsukino, Ikuko[family name - given name]
Birthplace: Hokkaido Sapporo City, Japan
Blood Type: B
Birthday: 12-11-1963
Astrological Sign: Sagittarius
Hobbies: Reading, hula dancing
Agency: Ploystar
Official Website: Honey's Rock

Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon: Special Act - as Ikuko Tsukino

Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon - as Ikuko Tsukino (First Appearence: Act 1)

Other Misc Works
Kaori is a musician and an actress
CDs- W RainboW and Love Song for Heaven, Solo debut album of Go-Bang's former member: Love or Die
She was a member of the pop group "Go Bangs!"
Musical "A Cinderalla Story."

Character Informaton

Character Name: Tsukino, Ikuko [family - given name]
Actress: Moriwaka, Kaori
First Appearance: Act 1
Occupation: Ikuko is Usagi's mother.
Hair Color: Light Brown
Hair Style: Pulled back in a pigtag baied.
Other: She is a very hyper and cheerful lady, often with surprising hairstyles. She likes to make new flavors of omelettes for her children and encourages Usagi's friends to try her inventions. She is married to Tsukino Kenji(Seen only in Act 50/Special Act) who is a news reporter.

Moriwaka, Kaori/ Tsukino, Ikuko:

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