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Quotes from Diglee ^.^ For more quotes you can view his section on PGSM on TVTome
From The Making Up Special
Sawai Miyuu: "I asked my friends...'Do you remember Sailor Moon? Which role would fit me?' Everyone said 'Usagi' That decided it. I thought I'd try my best to be like Usagi-chan.
Hama Chisaki: I'll try my best to not disappoint everyone. Nice to meet you!
Kitagawa Keiko: "I read and saw the Manga and Anime. I hope to make all of Japan's Sailor Mars fans happy. My thought was 'I want to play the role of Hino Rei'.
Azama Myuu: I've got alog of worries but...I'll do my best, so please cheer.
Komatsu Ayaka: I don't have much acting experience, but I'll do my best. So, I hope alot of people will watch me.

From Act 1
Luna: Usagi-chan. Now!
Usagi: Right...Moon Prism Power... Make-up!
Moon: Pretty Guardian of Love and Justice... Sailor Moon! In the name of the Moon, I'll punish you!
Moon: Moon Healing Escalation!
-The monster is gone and Naru's mother is healed-
Moon: I did it! So cool!
Luna: Well done Sailor Moon.

From Act 4
Luna: Tuxedo Mask. Are you also searching for the Silver Crystal? Who are you?
Tuxedo: Don't know. So long as we search for the same thing... Maybe an enemy?
Luna: Enemy?

From Act 5
(Usagi picks up a card from the floor)
Usagi: "Chijou Ei"?
Voice: It's "Chiba Mamoru"
(Mamoru walks up to her)
Mamoru: Man, you really appear everywhere I go!
Usagi: Say that about yourself!
(Holds up that card written in Kanji)
Mamoru: This is pretty common to read. Are you sure you properly know kanji?
Usagi: Leave me alone! Can you read mine?
Mamoru: Let me see it, please. Tsukino Kobuta(piggy)
Usagi: It's Usagi(bunny)! Usagi Usagi Usagi!

From Act 6
Sailor Jupiter: Soldier of Thunder and courage, Sailor Jupiter! In the name of Jupiter, I'll punsih you!
(Youma falls back)
Sailor Jupiter: Supreme Thunder!
Sailor Jupiter: I see. I've always...I've always felt I was no good. I finally understand the reason for that. It's not because I'm rude. It was all so I could meet my companions.

From Act 7
Chiba Mamoru: (first holds on to the hanky, but then takes her hand instead).
Usagi: (surpised) What are you doing?
Chiba Mamoru: I can't stand being separated again. Let's go.
Usagi: Okay.
Usagi: (to herself) Oh no. Why do I feel excited when with this guy?

From Act 15
Usagi: Hey! No way! How mean! I'm absolutey sure too!
(The cop walks off)
Mamoru: Looks like it's no use.
Usagi: I knew I'd have to do it myself!
Mamoru: How?
Usagi: Well, I'll tranform into Sailor Moon...
(They both look shocked at each other silence as they walk a couple of feet away from each other and are back to back.)
Mamoru(nervous): Ah... bird.
Usagi(nervous): Ah... grass.

Quotes from Justin-chan
"It can't be, Minako Aino is .. Sailor Venus" -Sailor Mars, Act 17
"Starting today, I will return to being an regular Senshi" -Sailor Venus, Act 26
"I don't want to be a Sailor Senshi!" -Usagi, Act 1
"There is no place to run!" -Dark Sailor Mercury, Act 21
"Princess Sailor Venus!" -Artemis, Act 12
"That was my old name!" -Mamuro, Act 25
"Are you just friends with me because of this?" -Ami, Act 2
"Do you remember that line? Costume?" -Female Announcer, Act 0 "The Making Of"

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