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Hi and welcome to the fanlisting section! This section contains information about the fanlisting for Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon. So please use the links below to find out more information. Thanks!

What is a fanlisting?

  • Fanlisting?- So, what exactly is a fanlisting? A fanlisting is a place where fans with the same common interest, in this case Bishoujo Senshi Sailor Moon Live Action, can come together and try to build the biggest listing of people worldwide who have the same interest in the subject as they do. To learn more about fanlistings, or to find more fanlists to join, please visit The Fanlistings website.


    So you would like to join my lovely Bishoujo Senshi Sailor Moon: Live Action Fanlisting? Well lets see if you can pass this little challenge! You must follow all these rules listed below before you can join the scouts on their jounrey!

    1) You must be a fan of the Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon or know as PGSM!

    2) You must provide a name and your e-mail address and what country your from. If you live in the United Kingdom then please specify the area. (example: England, U.K.) Or if your in you live on a island or somewhere that I haven't heard of before please give me this info "name of city", "name of country" (example: Island Name, Mainland Country) Please don't tell me your from the Moon Kingdom or Crystal Tokyo becase those cities don't really insist, unless you're like me and my friend who think realty is boring an we live in our fantasy worlds! I do all the time...speacilly when it come to my husband, Milliardo Peacecraft!

    3) You do not have to submit a website, but if you do then you must place one of our link buttons/banners on your site some where that we can find it. If we don't see a link back or the code at the time that we process your membership then your website URL will not get listed.

    4) No websites which promote pornography, racism, or other questionable material will be listed so please don't submit them.

    5) Sound Simple? If so then your ready to join the team! Make you way to the Join page to join the rest of the scouts or as you call yourselfs PGSM Fans!!


member's page

  • To view the Member's list please make your way to the---> Member's Page

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  • To find the codes please make your way to the ---> Codes page

If you see something wrong or like to add some information feel free to let me know! You may see them here?!

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