to mock such pain, as you had, when you fell. by Papirini

NOTE: This sonnet is based on events that occurred in Pretty Guardian
Sailor Moon Act 27. More specifically, I was trying to tap into the
psychological aspect of the momentthe spell over Ami breaks - and she
realizes that it was she who had killed Sailor Moon, who lay still on
the floor. It is a scene with surprising effect, and so I wished to
capture that moment.

Soon, I may write a poem about Ami's feelings regarding Act 28, which
the PGSM cast has called "a masterpiece". Time will tell if this is

Poem 35: to mock such pain, as you had, when you fell

i, an unfortunate child, ingrate
hold your still body in this darkened hall
as where i had you, as i stood up tall
while i was up there, i held great debate
when you were in my eye, an object of hate
NEVER in true thoughts did i have such gall
to hurt you, leaving me your single pall
but i realized my wrong towards you, too late.
Now i kneel down on this cold marble floor.
With your head in my lap i look to see
your quiet form, silenced to stiffened core
my cursed heat, and in deed i was to be
my dark lord's unbridled Goddess of war
but violence begetted evil me
who murdered a soul mate-now she's no more.....