I feel no remorse.

Perhaps it is evil to think such a thing. Perhaps I am wrong. But….I cannot help it.

She was me, my dark side personified. I never realized just how strong she was within me; was it that easy? Did I have such a hate within me? Was it from years of isolation, to the point where it cared for nobody? Was she lashing out against what she thought was wrong, what she had been incarnate to believe?

I don’t know. I’ll never know. I’ll never know why this evil came from me. I thought I had rid myself of it. Maybe, even now, I do not…..

…..perhaps it is best to leave such thoughts with no contemplations. After Kunzite, I don’t think I know anything about motives, or evil, or anything anymore.

I look down at the unconscious sailor soldiers as I come upon the old, concrete playground. They’ve returned to normal. It is already almost midnight now; come morning, judging by how much energy they seem to have taken in, they may not remember anything.

Perhaps that is for the best. I would rather they forgot all about it; I want to. My strength is almost gone from this fight; all I want is rest this one time.

So, I’m left alone once more. One more thing for me to be alone in, one more thing that separates me from all the others. In this, I am the evil one. Or I was. She is gone now. He is no longer with me. It’s all done now.


There is darkness. A great darkness. There is no light, for the light has not appeared yet.

Then, a burst of white....

Vividly, Secretly, into: La Soldier.....

Ami Mizuno opens her eyes. Around her is blue water, as she lays under the sea, surrounded by bright coral and fish. She reaches her arm up, and it breaks through the surface of the water.

It's not a problem if I say it isn't
I'm always docile, I hide my true feelings

When her arm appears at the surface, it turns white. It is clothed in a sailor glove. Ami showly emerges from the water, her body transforming into Sailor Mercury's.

"No joke!
I won't wait any longer!"

Sailor Mercury appears on top of the water. She is in her full sailor regalia, with the star tambourine in hand. She begins to walk on the water, her heels making ripples on the surface. She has a determined look on her face.

A kid can't always be about love!
The source of your worries is your enemies!

Standing on the shore is a dark figure. Turning around, it is revealed to be Sailor Darkury, playing a strangely-shaped violin. Her eyes flash red as she holds up her bow upon seeing Mercury on the water.

Laments veil the genies!
Being so close, don't let it end
To be hidden on the mission road...

The bow transforms into an ice blade. Mercury closes her eyes as she approaches. Seeing her approach, Darkury takes her sword and slashes it onto the water. It splits the sea in half, coming towards Mercury head on.

It's not a problem, make a bet on your hopes
Right now, just fly!

At the last moment, Mercury jumps up, missing the attack. She almost floats as she stay up there, holding her star tambourine up towards the sky.

Love is a mysterious war.
Love is always a war.
Repeated for thousands of years...

With an angry look on her face, Darkury jumps up to face her. The two float momentarily, eyeing each other as they prepare their attacks.

"The soldier of love and wisdom, Sailor Mercury!
Douse yourself with water and repent!"

Mercury's star tambourine flashes. A blast goes toward Darkury. In response, Darkury uses her sword to slice the attack in half, and she throws herself as Mercury.

Always pursuing the end of the rainbow
I feel that I don't know the real you
If you have become sad from pursuing me...

Darkury pushes Mercury down, and Mercury begins to fall back down towards the water. Darkury then pursues her, sword drawn.

Try me, Mystery, Drive me, Mercury!
If you yearn for a miracle there is the wisdom's rhapsody!

Mercury opens her eyes just before she hits the water. She stoper herself from falling, and she throws herself to the side, allowing her to miss Darkury's attack.

Try me, Mystery, Drive me, Mercury!
If you have a childlike yearning there is the miracle of the rhapsody!

Mercury goes back up, and closes her eyes. The sign of Mercury appears on her forehead, replacing the tiara.

Though it's painful to go on like this.....
Even if we meet again tomorrow........

Darkury's eyes widen as Mercury is bathed in blue. She takes her sword up, and blasts at Mercury.

....or in two hundred years, it's the same.
Our meeting is foreordained......

The blast bounces hamlessly off of Mercury's body. Mercury glows brightly, as bright as a star.

And I will show you both miracles and dreams!

Mercury flies at Darkury, her eyes shining. Darkury brings her sword up, and brings it down onto Mercury's back, only to have it shatter into small pieces. Mercury flies right through Darkury, and Darkury's body disintegrates on contact with the power.

It's not a problem, just believe in your dreams!
Spur on your courage!

Mercury lands on the beach, and the aura disappears. She fall to her knees, but at the sounds of shouting, looks up.

For when I bathe in it, I am transformed....

Jupiter, Mercury, Moon and even Venus are rushing towards her with open arms, laughing. Mercury's eyes widen, and she cries with joy as they all crash into her.

Vividly, secretly.....

Sailor Luna rushes in late, but trips as she comes forth on a rock. She rolls into the sea, and the foam transforms her back into a plush cat doll.

Eternally, beautifully....

The girls cannot help but laugh as Luna drags herself out of the water. She pulls her sand-caked self onto Mercury, and Mercury smiles.

Vividly, secretly.....

Mercury looks at each of the soldiers and smiles. To her, however, she does not see the soldiers, but rather, the faces of Makoto, Rei, Usagi, and even Minako - her destined eternal friends.

into.....LA SOLDIER!

The five are with each other as the sun finally rises on the beach. Then, the image fades, until it is finally