The Overture of the Brave Mercury - a PGSM fanfiction by Papi


The control center was silent and dark. The table, normally filled with goodies, weapons and other items is bare. It is cool within the room, made so by its underground location, several feet below the grounds of the Juuban Karaoke and Arcade. Though the hideout of many a sailor soldier, at the moment there was no one present.

“Greetings, friends!”

The lights clicked on. A solitary female figure stood in the doorway. She wore a pink shirt, with yellow sleeves, and a yellow skirt. On her feet were knee-high white boots, and around her waist was a chain. She had blue hair, put up into two buns and ponytails. She gave a smile, showing her somewhat crooked teeth.

“Hello, everyone!” She descended down the stairs. “It’s me, Luna, in my human form! Wow, it’s good to be back here again! Especially after the battles we’ve been having lately.”

Skipping over to the refrigerator, the girl took out several different candies and treats. Popcorn, chocolate, cheese sticks and other assorted items came onto the table, along with plates and cups, colored blue.

“Recently,” the girl paused. “With the falling out between the girls who fight for love and justice, something terrible had happened. The soldier known as Sailor Mercury was given a dose of dark power, and was transformed into a soldier of evil who called herself Sailor Darkury - the Dark Mercury soldier. Led into the darkness by Kunzite, one of the four generals whom we fight, our beloved Ami-chan, Mercury’s human form, was torn away from us and was forced to fight for the enemy.”

The girl went back into the fridge and took out various drinks, including soda, juice, milk and water. She placed all of them inside a cooler, and with several grunts dragged the cooler out into the middle of the floor near the table.

“But….nrrrrgh!” The girl gave a gasp as she finished the job. “But hope wasn’t completely lost. Because several things happened to help bring Ami-chan back to us, and to strengthen our position. First and most important, our princess - the lost Moon Princess, Selenity - turned out to be none other than our own Usagi-chan, who turns into the soldier for love and justice, Sailor Moon! Within her is the Illusionary Silver Crystal - the most powerful talisman in the universe. And so with joy we found that the one thing which the enemy needs to complete their mission is in our hands, safe.”

The girl gave a grin as she took out her cell phone. In it, she pressed several numbers.

“When the power of the crystal showered onto us, the some of the girls partially recovered their memories. And I earned this!” She held it up. “Luna Prism Power, Make-Up!”

With that, the young girl was immersed with a bright yellow light. When the light disappeared, the girl had transformed into a sailor soldier, with a yellow and purple sailor suit. She also had cat ears now as well.

"That's right!" The girl posed. "I'm the soldier of justice and of small things, Sailor Luna! And I......I....iah.......ah.......aaaaaaaaaaaaaah....."

The girl suddenly shut her eyes tightly. She quickly went to cover her nose, and her back arched back as the inevitable body function did its work.


In a flash, the transformation dissolved. A golden light surrounded the girl, and the light seemed to shrink her until, finally, all that was left of the girl was a small, purple stuffed cat toy.

"Ohhhhh...." The little stuffed toy shut its eyes tightly. "Oh......I hate that.......annnnnyways......"

With that, the cat jumped up onto the table. It looked around the room with a slight hint of disappointment.

"The decorations will come later.....well, anyways...." The cat sat down. "Another good thing that happened was Ami-chan was showered in the light of the crystal as well. So, eventually, the spell broke, though it wasn't a smooth ride even then."

At this, the cat's ears perked up. The sounds of laughing voices could be heard in the hallway.

"But.....that's all behind us now!" The cat jumped back up. Its yellow crescent moon sign sparkled, as if to beckon some unseen entity in the room. "Darkury's gone forever, and Ami's back with us. And now our group is stronger than ever in their friendship. So, we're celebrating to fall of the soldier of evil. Come on in and join us - there's food and treats for all!"

Slowly, the door began to open. Four girls began to come in, cheering and shouting.

"Let's PARTY!!!"

”The darkness has lifted from me.”

Darkury transformed in front of the soldiers. Walking over to a group of icy stalagmites, she took off a large, sharp chunk. It turned into a glittering, transparent sword in her hands.

“It feels so different now. I am no longer the monster I was before. I am no longer the threat that I was.”

Darkury gave a thrust, only to be blocked by Venus. The two jumped at each other, and Venus, after the pass, fainted.

“My friends are free. And now, after so much friction and mistrust, we are one after this ordeal. We are stronger than ever, and I can feel the connections we have with one another. This bond flows through us like water, giving us the strength to face our enemies like never before.”

Darkury took up her sword. In front of the warrior was the small, child-like figure of Sailor Luna. The two stood on top of the roof of the building, both in fighting stance.

“I know, sometimes, though, even now, that I fear that my sins - and my evil - will return to haunt me. That one day, the evil will again be brought forth, and that I will be uncontrollable and will slaughter those closest to me. The longer I stay with my friends, though, the less I feel the threat.”

Sailor Moon’s wand shattered and fell out of her hand. Darkury looked on, with considerable satisfaction as the unresponsive blonde soldier collapsed in front of her.

“Perhaps Usagi-chan is right. Perhaps that time is gone. Perhaps the evil has been banished.”

The look on Darkury’s face turned from one of pleasure to one of horror. She dropped on her knees, cradled Sailor Moon in her arms, and began to scream as the tiara fell from her fallen friend’s forehead.

“Perhaps there is nothing to worry about.”

Ami, with an angry throw, flung the dark wristband onto the ground. It lay, stationary, in the grass of the Dark Kingdom Garden.


The jewel within the black wristband slowly changed color. It went from black, to a dark purple, as Ami and Usagi left the forest.



Hitomi wa itsumo JUERU

A silhouette floats in a light. When the light dies down, revealed is Princess Serenity, dressed in her finest white gown, with the moon in the background. She looks over and smiles.

Ikite yuku koto wa
try get a chance!

Serenity’s face comes closer, until all that is seen is the moon sign that is upon her forehead. It flashes brilliantly, fading until we see….

Koko ni aru kara tsuyoi yume….

Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon
(Takeuchi Naoko-PNP-Toei-CBC-CAZBE-dentsu)

….Sailor Moon appears in a Silver Milennium-era building. She turns several times, bathed in golden light. She turns into Usagi, and lip syncs the words of the title song into her cell phone. She runs out of sight.

GANGAN kechirashitekou…

Sailor Mercury appears in a blue light under the sea. She turns, transforms into Ami and sits at a desk in a classroom, wearing her school uniform. Usagi suddenly appears and brings her into the ancient building. Then, Usagi disappears again, and Ami begins to sing into her cell phone.

RAIBARU darake no mahiru…

Sailor Mars appears in a red light in a fiery inferno. She turns, transforms into Rei, and sweeps a room inside Hikawa Temple, wearing her temple garment. Usagi appears, and almost drags Rei into the temple. With a thumbs up, Usagi runs back out, leaving Rei to try and mimic Ami’s movements in the song.

Egao yori kuchibiru yori…

Sailor Jupiter appears in a green light within a lightning field. She turns, transforms into Makoto, and is inside a gym, wearing pink workout pants and a jacket while punching a bag. Usagi appears, ushering her out of the sweaty room, and Makoto appears at the temple, wiping her brow with a towel. Usagi runs out just as Makoto gets her phone out.


Sailor Venus appears in a gold light inside a sparkle of spotlights. She turns, transforms into Minako, and is clapping her hands inside a concert hall filled with screaming fans. Usagi suddenly appears, leading a shocked Minako out. All five then stood in the building, lip-synching into their cell phones.

Watashi ni nare
KIRARI to sailor diamonds!

Usagi suddenly leaves again, this time appearing in the streets of Tokyo alone, her eyes squinted. The sun is beginning to set, and the river is next to her.

Yoake ni umareru GAADIAN
Watashi da kara kanau yo
starlight prayers!

In Usagi’s hand is a handkerchief. Wrapped in it is a lustered, old looking watch.

MEIKUAPPU shiyou yo
Kirameki wa mune ni
SEERAA senshi sore wa

Human Luna stands behind Usagi as she walks. Her tail swishes, and she is about to follow, but sneezes. She turns into cat Luna and falls on the ground.

Matsuge wa fusete mukuchi ni
Hosoi ashi kara tears rain
Ano KO no miteta tooi michi
Kitto mitsukaru tsuyoi mirai

Usagi closes her eyes. In front of her, on the bridge, is Hina and Mamoru. They are together, holding hands and looking into each other’s eyes.

Zenzen HEIKI demo ne
HAATO wa shogechau n da
Sonna toki dare yori mo
AIBIIMU de anata ni…..

A tear falls from Usagi’s eye. It drops onto her brooch, and the brooch flashes brilliantly.

Watashi ni nare
KIRARI to sailor wings!

Princess Sailor Moon and Tuxedo Mask stand together. In front of them is the dark purple column that holds Queen Metallia’s power. Sailor Moon and Tuxedo Mask slowly hold hands.

Daichi wo kakenukeru GAADIAN
Watashi da kara dekiru yo kono BATORU…….

Sailor Moon, with her other hand, points her crescent moon wand, which then transforms into the Princess Harp Sword, at the column. In front of the column was the figure of Queen Beryl. She points towards the two lone figures, and a powerful blast comes from her finger.

MEIKUAPPU shite yuku kirameki wa hitai
SEERAA senshi sore wa

Sailor Moon’s tiara flashes, and the crescent moon appears on her forehead. The Princess Harp Sword, also, glows, and from Tuxedo Mask and Sailor Moon comes a bright white glow. It blasts out at Beryl and Metallia, engulfing them both in the light.

Watashi ni nare,
KIRARI to catch me kiss again!

The light disappears, with Mamoru and Usagi together at the bridge. Usagi is unconscious. In response, Mamoru bends down and kisses her on the forehead.

SEERAA fuku no RIBON hodoite
Watashi da kara iranai mou nani mo…..

Slowly, Usagi wakes up. She looks up at Mamoru, a look of surprise on her face. She drops the muffler and the watch on the ground.

[/b]MEIKUAPPU sono toki
Kirameki wo ageru
SEERAA senshi[/b]

Mamoru sets Usagi on a bench nearby. He goes back, picks the muffler and watch up, and slowly returns it to her. However, Usagi shakes her head as he offers the muffler back. She gives it back to him.


Mamoru, touched, sits down on the bench next to Usagi. By this time, the sun had set, and the moon and stars now shine brightly in the sky. The two begin to come in closer, not for a kiss, but simply to hold each other.

The four girls, back in their sailor forms, watch the scene. They take turns in singing, instead of lip-synching.

“Watashi ni nare
KIRARI to sailor diamonds!”

“Yoake ni umareru GAADIAN
Watashi da kara kanau yo”

“starlight prayers!
MEIKUAPPU shiyou yo”

“Kirameki wa mune ni
SEERAA senshi sore wa-”



The four girls look down. Sailor Luna is sheepishly grinning.

“Sorry, girls.”

The moon shines in the sky.

SEERAA senshi sore wa