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Rocket Movement

There was a strange quiet on the streets of Yokohama that afternoon as the time began to slip by. No one could really understand why; for some reason, people in the city felt compelled to simply keep themselves resigned to their businesses and not to impede on others. It was almost like a calm before a great storm that was passing in, even though the time of high noon had already passed for battle. Or so some thought.


Though most people paid no mind to the sound of the whirling rotors, those who did may have found a somewhat quizzical sight. It was a helicopter that shot across the sky above the buildings, but it was no ordinary one. It was tiny, bulb-shaped one, of a light, rosy pink hue, with white choppers. On the sides were small white wings (though these were only if the choppers stopped working), and white stripes on its sides. On the front was a crescent moon decal, and an English word in gold letters: “MOONIE”.

“Checking altitude!”
“Chopper velocity!”

At the helm of the helicopter was Sailor Luna, her steering appendage looking eerily similar to her crescent moon wand. She turned left, the chopper following along. In the only other seat was Venus, looking worriedly onto the buildings.

“Let’s go!” Luna turned several knobs. “To Sakura Square!”
“……Luna…..I’m not liking what you’re doing.”
“What?” Luna frowned. “Why?”
“Luna, Sakura Square is too small, even for this chopper.” Venus shook her head. “We should land someplace else.”
“The moonicopter can handle it,” Luna retorted. “It was designed to land in tight places!”
“But I’d rather land in a wide place and be absolutely safe,” Venus growled, “then to risk crashing when there is another alternative.”

The two glared at one another as the chopper the moonicopter - hovered in the air. They both stared at one another, waiting for the other to crack.

“O…..ok!” With a grumble, Luna switched the gears. “Ok! I give. We’ll land on the building over there.”

The chopper spun around a full half-circle, eyeing a 20-story building in the vicinity. It circled around, looking for the landing pod.

“But if we get in trouble, and we’re late, it’s your fault.”

The clock read 5:51.


Sakura Square was a former playground in Yokohama, a place where children used to come every afternoon to play after school. It was slowly abandoned, for a larger, more technologically safe playground. As a result, Sakura Square was transformed from a play place for children to a weathered, splintered ruin of its former glory.

Ami was aware of this; she used to come to Sakura Square, among other places, all of the time as a child. Her mother used to work in a Yokohama hospital a block away, and so Ami and her nanny would come to the playground often to wait for her to come out. Sometimes, her mother would come with Ami, and she would push Ami on a swing, or the merry-go-round. Those were days before everything - before the divorce, the schooling, the awakening of Sailor Mercury.

I’m here…… Ami’s skin crawled as she entered into the courtyard of the park. At last……here we go…….the end is here……

It seemed strange to Ami that her enemy knew of this place; the truth of it was, the significance of it did not even occur to her until she stepped onto the concrete sidewalk of the park. She had forgotten the goodness of her childhood; she realized that her enemy did not forget, though she was unsure of why of how he had acquired the information, as she never remembered telling him.

What time is it…….what time is it…….

At 5:55, Ami came to an epiphany about the park, as the question of his knowledge of her began to dominate her mind. Kunzite had to have found out through some other means. Not through her, but through someone else. Yet Usagi, Makoto and Rei was never aware of Ami’s childhood; they had never really talked about it.


Then, it came to Ami. There was only one solution.

Kunzite…….may not be……..If it isn’t……then….

Suddenly, one loud hammer strike jerked Ami out of her panicked thoughts. Her blood froze, and her body became cold with fear. The clock, like the first peal of thunder during the coming of Ragnarok, struck 6:00. Each peal made Ami shiver. The last peal was the loudest, and the hardest.

Where is he………?

A minute passed, and there was no reply. Finally, Ami decided to take a step, and she opened her mouth to speak.

“I-i……” She stammered. “I’m here, Kunzite! I…..I come alone! Show yourself!!”

She turned around at the sound of birds chirping wildly, her breath squeaking as she gasped. Her throat became tight as her back was turned, and she did not even notice who was behind her.


Ami stopped. She heard the voice echo within her, repeating into infinity, yet at first she could not comprehend.

The voice was not....notKunzite’s.


Ami’s mind clicked. She turned around, her breath accelerated by her fear. Then, she saw her.

“Welcome, Ami-chan.”

It was her. It was her.

Ami Mizuno was facing Ami Mizuno.


She stood there, no, she was walking towards her, her cold brown eyes looking through Ami as the wind swept through her black hair. The black wristband wrapped around her hand tucked neatly under her sleeve, and the black cloak, like the shrouding of the darkest night over the still land. Ami’s eyes widened at the sight. For it had to be impossible for the same person to be standing in the same room.

“So. You came.” The newcomer’s lips formed into a slight snarl as she took off the voice band from out of her mouth. On it was a voice simulator. “I didn’t know you could be brave enough to. Yet you seem so surprised.”
“…..You……” Ami took a step back. “……Me…….?”

She stared back, not answering for a moment, perhaps to Ami’s chagrin. Then, Ami’s snarl turned into a smile.

“Ami-chan.” The wind died down as Ami spoke. “Punctual. Always. And, as I ordered, you came alone. You follow orders easily. Such a mistake.”
“This…..” Ami cried out. “This is…impossible!”
“Nothing is impossible if there is a purpose.” Ami’s smile did not diminish. “The drive of life. If one wills it, the impossibility is possible. You never thought you’d see me again?”

Ami was not looking at Ami. Instead, she kept looking at the dark wristband. It menaced her, even from afar. She nervously took a step back.

“Go away.”
“I’m afraid I can’t now.” Ami’s menacing smile made Ami feel even more frightened. “I’m here, I’m real. No longer apart of you, I am free.”
“But how?!” Ami’s hand went into her pocket, searching for her cell phone. “How?”

The response was a slight chuckle as Ami lifted up her arm. She pulled her sleeve down to show the black wristband in full. Its appearance had slightly changed; the transformation mechanism was in the shape of a cobra, with the Mercury sign upon it, and the band itself wrapped around her arm like a snake.

“You didn’t really think that throwing the transformer would rectify the power, did you?” The Mercury jewel glowed. “The power was still there. True darkness that for which I am avatar to, is much stronger than your attempts to rid the world -and yourself - of it. Yes, I admit I almost left.” Ami put her wrist down. “My essence - your essence, the essence you left in the darkness - in that forest, it withered from your re-alliance with the princess. Once you left the forest, the pure Mercury - you, regained her power as a soldier for the earth. I was disconnected from you, and we became separate. But then, instead of dying, I thrived; in my world, by the dark waterfall, my essence began to recover.”

The jewel glowed brighter, and an illusion formed in front of Ami. The wristband, lying motionless in the dark forest, glowed, its aura becoming a bright purple. The aura took form, growing larger until it was the form of Ami, crouching in the high grass, staring at the waterfall with her cold eyes.

”I call upon the queen.” Ami slowly stood up, her hands outstretched, the wristband in hand. In front of her, the scenery changed, and the awesome form of Metaria appeared, its power spouting from the base. “Grant me power again so I may strike the enemy dead! Let me be a part of you once more!!”

Ami watched in horror as a bolt of energy struck the wristband, enveloping Ami within the energy. The image in front of her became bright pink before dissolving in the air.

“The essence before, but now, I am real.” Ami’s wrist went down with another smile. “So tell me. Is it so impossible now?”
“You were of the dark. Maybe you are not anymore but you were, and that is what matters. “ The smile became malicious. “What you created cannot be reversed. You created me…..and now, you will have to live with it for however long you might live after tonight.”
“No…I don’t believe you!” Ami turned away. Her head went down. “I’ll never believe you.”
“Such a pity.” Ami heard Ami come closer. “You choose to be oblivious than to accept the truth. Unfortunate. But….understandable.”

Ami turned. Ami lunged. Ami managed to duck, rolling under, rolling backwards under Ami, getting away from her. The ice sword plunged into the ground.


Ami grasped the ice sword and began to pull it out. She turned towards Ami, who was still rolling, and smiled.

“There’s no escape.” She looked over Ami’s figure, with a slight mocking tone in her voice. “Running is futile. You can’t escape what you’ve done.”

Ami gave a gasp as she stopped herself from rolling, looking at the grinning Ami as she started to release the sword from the sidewalk. She went to stand up.


Suddenly, Ami was kicked in the back, the force sending her back down onto the ground. She rolled over twice, and when she stopped she was face to face with her new attacker. Her eyes widened.

“What’s wrong?” With an evil grin, Jupiter, clad in dark green soldier garb, crossed her arms. On her wrist was a dark wristband. “Running away again, coward? You look like you’re seeing a ghost.”

With a gasped squeal, Ami stood up and turned to face Ami reproachfully. Instead, she faced another figure.

“You look scared.” Mars, also clad in a dark red sailor outfit, gave a smirk as she posed. “You should be, you know.”

Ami froze at the sound of the next voice. Slowly, she turned around to see a black object pointed at her.

“Don’t try to run.” Sailor Moon retracted the crescent moon wand, which was no longer such, but was rather a black rod with a red orb at the top, covered in tentacle-like holders. She wore a midnight blue sailor suit with a black line. “You’ll never escape us.”

With a smile, Sailor Moon raised her hand and connected with Ami’s face with a hard slap. Ami was thrown to the ground by its force.

“I was once the outcast Ami, the dark shadow cast upon the still waters of the sea as you looked down.” Ami’s eyes began to water as she heard the sound of the ice sword being freed from the ground. “Now, you are the outcast Ami, an imposter, a shadow of me. Jupiter, Mars, and moon, now Darkiter, Darkars, and Darkoon….soon, the soldiers shall all be agents of the Dark Kingdom, and the ginzuishou shall belong to me.”

Ami looked up and saw the blade glint in the faded moonlight. She could see the shadows of Ami’s face, and could see how red Ami’s eyes looked in the darkness. She could also see the smile, red as blood.

“Good bye, Ami-chan.”

Ami closed her eyes as she felt the wind from the blade come down. She tried to disconnect, tried to memorize, tried to recall the times before this moment, even before Dark Mercury came into existence - the good times. She and Usagi at school. Makoto, on the roof with her the first time they met. Rei at the temple with her. The four of them walking together, on the bridge, and at the New Year’s party, and against Kunzite, and against even Zoicite and Nephrite.

She braced herself for the blow.

“Venus Love-Me Chain!”

There was a shout, then a loud smacking sound, followed by the clamor of something falling on the ground. Ami opened her eyes again.

“This won’t be forgiven.”

Venus stood on the other side of the street, her chain in hand. Next to her was Luna, her crescent moon wand pointing at Ami.

“We decided to come a little earlier than your invitation said to.” Venus looked at Ami, then back at Ami. “It looks like I was wrong about the dark warrior being gone. That was a mistake. A mistake we’ll correct tonight, yes, Luna?”
“That’s right! Your dark powers will be destroyed here, witch!” Luna smirked. “In the name of the moon and small things, Sailor Luna!”

Ami’s smile was palpably unnerving to Ami, who slowly stood up. Immediately, Moon, Mars and Jupiter surrounded her menacingly.

“You two.” Ami’s eye twitched. “Your notions of resistance are admirable and a small bit of a surprise, I will admit. Your timing, though, couldn’t be more unfortunate.”

With that, Ami crossed her arms together. Her new wristband glowed as she brought her hands down.

“Dark Power, Make-Up!”

There was a flash of black and purple light that resonated from the wristband as Ami’s form floated up and changed. Her clothing became darker and transformed into the garb of a sailor soldier, and her sword, lying on the ground, floated up to Ami’s level. It elongated as it came closer, growing a foot longer.

“Let us see what happens now.”

Darkury stood once more before the soldiers. This time, however, her eyes were red, and her periwinkle hair was streaked with dark purple and white strands. The youma sign replaced her intricate tiara, and this was also a dark purple. There was one more new accessory on Darkury; a small, circular purple jewel was fastened onto Darkury’s collar, glowing brilliantly as it dangled from her neck.

“Let’s go.” The sword smashed the ground. “Let us see if you can withstand true dark power.”

Venus held up her chain. She gave the Dark Mercury soldier a half smile before jumping over to the dark soldier.


The sword smashed against the chain with a loud clang. Darkury swung around and thrust again at Venus’ midsection. This, too, with a kneel from Venus, was blocked by the chain.

“Venus!” Ami struggled against her human barriers. “Wait! Let me-“
“Shut up, faker.”

Ami suddenly shuddered as a jolt of electricity ran through her. She fell to her knees.

“I told you to shut up.” There was a tone of mockery in the voice. In Darkiter’s hand was some kind of electric prod. “Don’t make me hurt you now, 'Ami-chan'.”

Ami looked up at each of the weapons the girls possessed. Jupiter had a prod, and Darkoon her new wand; in Darkars’ hands was a longbow made of fire.

“I don’t think we should wait for Mercury to finish.” Darkars looked over at Darkury and Venus as they fought. “We should execute her right now.”
“No, I wanna watch the fun!” Darkoon pouted. “Besides, shouldn’t we wait until Venus’s assimilated before we kill this one? It would make everything so much easier.”

Meanwhile, Venus twirled around, dodging another of Darkury’s blows. Spinning the chain around her body, Venus snapped forward and whipped Darkury’s hand, causing her sword to fly off. In response, Darkury angrily kicked Venus in the stomach, throwing her hard into the nearest building.

“Darkury’s going to kick Venus’ ass.” Darkiter rolled her eyes. “So stop arguing over it, ok?”
“Don’t be too sure of it, you know.”

The three girls turned. Abruptly, Darkiter was smacked hard in the leg by a fan. She staggered back a step in shock.

“Hello, girls.” Luna’s fan turned back into a crescent wand. “Did you forget all about me?”

Luna’s inquiry was met with three gasps of surprise. The three girls quickly faced Luna, leaving Ami unguarded.

“Ami-chan.” Luna dropped to a fighter stance. “Get out of here and get someplace safe. I’ll handle these three personally.”

Ami looked nervously around her, first at Darkury and Venus, then at her three friends and Luna. With a cry, she scrambled to her feet and began to run as fast as she could away from them.

“The faker!” Darkiter turned around. “She’s getting away!”
“No way, big girl!” Suddenly, Luna appeared in front of Darkiter and smacked her again with a fan. “Forget about her! I’m your opponent now!”
“Big gi….” Darkiter turned red. “You little…!”

Venus heard the shouts, and she turned to see what was happening. She saw Ami run off down the street, turning in an alley.

“Mercury!” She shouted. “Mercury!!!”

Venus paused. She felt the wind beat her brow and almost managed to dodge. But it was too late; Venus had erred in turning around.


Darkury smiled maliciously as her hand came forward at Venus. With a firm grasp she took up Venus’ arm and closed her other hand around her wristband.

“This ends now,” dark energy began to sizzle from her hands. “’Princess’.”

Venus gave a scream as her arm began to glow a dark purple. Her wristband became dark as the purple aura began to completely consume her. As the energy engulfed Venus’ body, her screams faded away.


The aura around Venus disappeared, and she slowly stood up. She now wore a dark orange, almost brown, soldier suit. Her eyes briefly glistened dark purple as she looked straight into Darkury’s eyes.

“You’re mine,” Dark Mercury’s smile did not waver. “Darkenus.”
“……Yes,” Dark Venus replied slowly. Her eyes flashed red. “What do you want of me, Darkury?”
“Help your friends.”

Darkury pointed towards the other three girls. They had all piled on Sailor Luna after the cat girl had missed a step, but with a mighty, inhuman heave, Luna had thrown all three of them off of her, scattering them all into different directions.

“RAAAAAAAAH!” Luna breathed in heavily. “Soldiers, WAKE UP! You’re under the spell of the enemy!”
“Get rid of her.” Darkury pointed towards the staggering soldier. “Get rid of her now. There’ll be no interference with the plans.”
“What about you?”
“I have business to attend to.” Darkenus watched as Darkury picked her sword up. “Do it for the queen’s sake. I’ll be back in a moment.”

With that, a dark wind with black petals encased Darkury, and she was out of sight.



Everything whirled around Ami as she stumbled forward on the street. Everything in her head was flashing in front of her; her skull was pounding violently, everything was painful. It was impossible what she had beheld, for what had happened to be done. Yet it had happened.


“There’s no escape. Running is futile. You can’t escape what you’ve done.”

I can’t…….escape……

Everything was meshed within Ami’s mind. The students. Usagi. Rei. Makoto. They were gone, gone and taken to the Dark Kingdom. And there was only one person to blame, one person whose past caused the destruction of everything she loved.


Ami stopped. She could no longer go on. She collapsed on the street, right next to a pile of garbage pails. She covered her face in her hands and began to violently sob. Her clothing was dirty, but she didn’t care. She no longer cared anymore.

MY GOD. MY GOD. She gasped for air, rasping as the tears came down. IT’S ALL MY FAULT. THIS. IS. ALL. MY. FAULT.

She held her head, and began to claw at herself in anger. The rage that had pent up inside her finally came out, and she knew no other way to release it. She could only kill herself, to throw herself off the side of a cliff, or off a building, if it meant Darkury could be gone, and the city could be saved. But she knew it wouldn’t happen, and it hurt even more to know that one truth.

God……… Ami’s head screamed at her for her ineptness, for her failures. God….

“Running away?”

Suddenly, the loud sound of cracking cement came into her ears. Black petals flew around her, in front of her, as the ice sword appeared, lodged once more in the conrete.

“Poor Ami-chan.” Darkury smiled. “There’s no one left to defend you now. Who will save you from yourself this time?”

Ami scrambled to her feet. Her eyes were wide with fear as Darkury took her sword out of the ground and lunged once more at her. Paralyzed with fear, Ami, for one moment, could not move. For, indeed, she could not save herself. For it was her fault. It had all ben her fault.

“Ami-chan, listen to me.”

The sword came closer to Ami’s sweat-caked brow. Ami’s lip quivered as her end came to her, and she shut her eyes.

“Whatever she did, she is not you.”

Ami opened her eyes. Darkury’s eyes were as red as blood, and they thirsted for blood as well. Her blood. A spark came from within her on seeing those eyes,as Usagi’s words came to her.

”Please, understand. What you may have done, it was forced on you.”

Ami opened her mouth. The sound was there, the motive was there, but for one more second, there was no sound. The blade was almost at her throat.

”Those feelings, they weren’t yours…”



Ami screamed, screamed as loud as she could, and she shut her eyes. With an inner strength, from the almost forgotten words of her dearest friend, her body moved, saving her from the blade. The sword, instead, connected with the brick wall, followed by the garbage.


Darkury brought her sword up with a growl of anger. She pointed her sword at Ami again, who now faced her with a glare in her eyes.

“Fool.” Darkury posed spitefully. “You cannot escape your dark side, Ami-chan. I will make you suffer before I run your throat ragged.”

Ami’s eyes slit determinedly. She held up her wrist, and her wristband glittered in the sunset.

“No……you’re wrong.” The wristband began to glow. “I listened to you and let you trick me for too long. You are not a part of me; you were never as part of me!”

Darkury’s eyes widened slightly as Ami was engulfed in light blue light. This crack in her shell was only fleeting; she took astepp back and gave an angry glare, ready to strike when the transformation ritual was finished.

“I won’t be fooled anymore! Mercury Power, Make-Up!”

The light flashed brilliantly around Ami as her clothing changed and became colored with the hues of Mercury’s planetary colors. The light finally dissipated, leaving Sailor Mercury in front of Darkury.

“I…..will crush you!” Mercury jumped back and pointed at the dark soldier. “In the name of Mercury, and for all of my friends, I won’t let you get away with this!”

Darkury grinned as she held her sword up towards the sky. Then, with a quick movement, she brought it down again.


The concrete under the sword shattered upon contact. As the rock strewn itself everywhere, it froze into large pellets of hail, which promptly went towards Mercury.

“Mercury…..Aqua Mist!!”

The bright blast of water did its work quickly; most of the hail and rock disintegrated as the water touched it. The power did not, on the other hand, destroy the largest, sharpest pieces. With a shout, and wide eyes, Mercury threw her arms up to protect her face.


She stumbled backwards as the razor-sharp shards sliced through her gloves and elbows. She was on the ground, missing the rest of the attack, but it was too late. The damage was done, and her arms were bleeding.

“As I expected.”

Mercury meekly looked up as Darkury came up to her. Her grin was one of victory, one full of smug assurance, and with mockery towards the weaker opponent.

“What a pity, Ami-chan.” She raised her sword up. “And I was expecting a fight.”

Mercury’s eyes teared up. Silently, she cursed herself for her weakness, for her incompetence against herself, or what was once a part of her. It was no dream; she was about to die.


Mercury’s eyes bolted open at the sound. She was just in time to see a large, blurry figure crash unceremoniously into Darkury. Darkury gave a scream and shut her eyes in preparation as she fell on her back and tumbled three times onto the road. Her sword, meanwhile, flew out of her hands.

“God dammit….!”
“Hola, mi pucelle!” Two large purple cat ears filled Darkury’s line of vision. “Did you miss me, paybeva?”

Mercury looked on for a moment as Darkury’s face became horrified at the sight of the cat girl soldier. She watched as Darkury struggled to get her sword with no success, for Sailor Luna was pinning her down. Then, an oncoming bus on the other side of the road caught her eye.

“You…..” Darkury growled. “Little…….brat…..!!!!!”
“Hmm…” Luna grinned. “The sailor soldiers were a task under your spell, but I took care of them. And now, I’ll be taking this, thank you very much!”

With a quick, cat-like movement, Luna grabbed for Darkury’s neck. Before the dark soldier could defend herself, her collar was gone off her person, flung almost carelessly at the brick wall behind them. The small purple gem, upon hitting the brick, shattered into thousands of tiny pieces.


Luna turned and watched gleefully as a black mist arose from the remains of the neck collar. It lingered for a moment, the screams of a thousand scared children echoing through the power of the darkness. Then, with a breath of wind, the energy dissipated, free from captivity.

“All right!” Luna cried happily. “I was right! So that’s where the stu-“


The next thing Luna knew, she was in the air, and a large bruise was forming on her cheek. As her back connected with the wall, she saw Darkury on her knees, through her disorientation, her sword back in her hand, raising her weapon in the air.


Sailor Luna gave a scream as the sword came down to the ground. The hail flew at her, and in her brief confusion, Luna was unable to defend herself from the attack. Every single piece tore through her body, leaving her body a crumpled mess of cuts and bruises as she fell to the ground unconscious.


Darkury snarled as Luna’s body glowed a brilliant gold and began to shrink into the small form of a cat plush doll. Her face became contorted, resembling the faces of demon masks that would have appeared in the nightmares of Hokusai. Her teeth seemed to become longer, and her eyes reptilian, as she raised her sword again.

“Go to hell.”

The beeping of a bus horn interrupted her thoughts. Her head swerved around in time to see a bus disappear into the horizon of Yokohama. In the back, as small as a dot, was a blue-haired citizen of Tokyo.


Darkury gave one more angry glare at the unconscious Luna as she brought her sword to her side. Darkury’s hate was such that she could have killed Luna, and all the other soldiers if she wanted, with no second thoughts, even if they were her servants. However, there was one more person she hated, more than anything. She hated being abandoned for no real reason, and hated having things decided for her, and to be thwarted as well was detestable. Mercury had violated all of this and more.

“I’ll deal with you later.”

Dark petals flew around Darkury as she set her slit eyes on the tiny bus. Then, with a gust of black wind, the soldier was gone.