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I wanted to dedicate this one to Minako Aino/Sailor Venus who played by Ayaka Komatsu in PGSM

references to japanese words

gomen nasai= sorry/im sorry
uso!= no way!
mata ne= see you later

Genre: Angst/Action

Title: "Minako's dying in will to live"

Chapter 5

*In Minako's hospital room*

Minako sleeps soundly, but she was tossing and turns, in her sleep it startles Artemis from his sleep at 1 AM in the morning. Artemis hears Minako calls out to princess again in her sleep, as he frowns sadly in knowing that his senshi is having a nightmares. *goes back to his cat nap on Minako's lap* In her sleep, Venus herself running through the falling debris along the way and she finds her fellow senshi is laying lifeless on teh steps of moon kingdom, spots princess picking up prince Endymion's sword as princess impaled herself to death. Venus screams, "No! Princess! No!!"

Minako woke up with screaming "No, Princess!" as she realizes that she is still at hospital but broke in sweat, and noticing Artemis is sleep soundly in peace. As Minako goes sit back to her bed but she sees the clock says 5 AM in the morning, as she goes back to sleep.

*Next day*

Minako wakes up, she tries to get out of bed but falls to her face down on the floor to go to get out of hospital, but couldnt get up to do it, as Rei walks in and sees Minako struggling to get up to get back right up. Rei says Hey, Minako let me help you as she walks over to Minako and pulls her back up, helped Minako walk to the wardrobe to get her clothes as Rei sits in sofa. Minako said to Rei "Why are you doing here?." Rei said, "Minako I came here to check on you to see how you were doing after that 1 month in comatose u were in." Minako replies, Rei "Dont remind me that!"

Rei said, "Sorry about that, I wasnt thinking straight today as well it seems that today it gonna be tough day for all of us to dealt with youma and the powerful youma that I ve seen in my fire reading lately and I feel that there will be such tragic event and great battle is coming right for all of us the Senshi, to protect Usagi our princess against Queen Beryl and Meteria very soon."

Minako nods as she said, "Yeah we have to be prepare for that big attack to prevent the disaster so that we wont die as our past lives back then." Rei walks to get Minako to go get back to her bed to rest so Minako can get plenty of her energies back in her body so she can fight along with Rei and the rest of senshi in battle."

Minako yawns, "I'm so sleepy" as she sits back on her bed while she went to sleep all of sudden Rei's cell phone rings it startled Rei and Minako, Rei picks her cell phone and answered her cell phone. The message from other end was Luna screaming to Rei's ear were loud and clear it said this, "Rei! we need u at rock quarry at once! u better to transform and keep ur guard up all times!" Rei shuts her cell phone away as she tells Minako, "I'm sorry I m afraid I have to cut this quality time together as friend cut short, there is some emergency going on I'll be back here soon as I can." *leaves Minako's room* Minako thinks to herself, "It sounded like urgent on Rei's cell phone, it sounded like Luna needs Rei's help and is Princess in danger?! I have to be get up to protect my princess*

*Minako's flash back returns*

At tokyo bay, beyond the city with lights where Zoisite and herself were disscussing about wanting to protect their princess/master to prevent the disasters like back in moon kingdom tragedy.

Zoi: So our thoughts are same, Venus we're both have some one to protect lets discuss about it. Once we were unable to stop them.

Venus:Right, thats why the tragedy were occured

Zoi: The tragedy must be stopped at all costs

Venus: Yes

Zoi: Queen Beryl is coming after Master Of course I want to protect master Endymion, However I cant be separate from Queen Beryl. Thats why if the time does come I wanted you to save my master.

Venus: Me?

Zoi: In return I wanted to give you this music box

*Back to real world*

Minako thinks to herself, "Usagi, I'm so sorry that I ve betrayed u with that music box to erase ur memories." *jumps out of her bed and runs off to avoid detection to get to quarry to help the senshi*

*At rock quarry, senshi vs shintennou fight begins*

The senshi arrives to see whats going on, Moon spots Beryl and Mamoru and asked what this is?

Mars senses Venus's aura, and watches Venus arrives with Artemis, *thinking to herself* Damn it! Minako i thought i told you stay behind and rest to save ur energy at hospital! what a baka! Venus comes up at Mars's side and looks at Queen Beryl in murderous rage, demands what Queen Beryl is up to.

Beryl shouted, Princess! this is the day I m taking Endymion away from you! *cackles!* He will be mine! So he and I will rule the land together!

*evil cackles again*

Mamoru: Don't decide that for yourself Why me?!

Beryl *evil smirks as she summons the Shintennou out of now where*

The Shintennou appears! Even the Senshi gasps as the rest of Shintennou appears to be disoriented, spots their Master Endymion as Zoi calls out Master? Mamoru gasps at their appearance as the Shintennou is armed with weapons. The Senshi strikes their combat poses to ready to battle against them! *Whoosh* Beryl cast the spell on Shintennou, it caused their weapons turned against themselves! *Shintennou struggling with their weapons*

The Senshi gasps in horror to watch them same time as Mamoru looked in horror to watch his own guardians is struggling with their own weapons.

Jadeite demands Queen Beryl, what is this?!

*kirari to be continued! chapter 6 is on the way!