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I wanted to dedicate this one to Minako Aino/Sailor Venus who played by Ayaka Komatsu in PGSM

references to japanese words

gomen nasai= sorry/im sorry
uso!= no way!
mata ne= see you later

Genre: Angst/Action

Title: "Minako's dying in will to live"

Chapter 4

*Minako is in coma*

A month passed by, the senshi comes to visit Minako's bedside to see how she doing, it seems that Minako looks bit different and bit older. Artemis was glad to see the senshi including Luna, while he was pleased to see them as luna asked him a update on Minako's conditon.

Artemis frowns, said "Nothing changes on Minako's conditon, it seems she is still in coma I'm sure that she'll come around very soon or a day besides I'll keep pray to the moon that will help her to regain the consciousness again."

The senshi were sadly by hearing the news from Artemis about Minako's condition, Rei says Artemis can u go with the senshi and Luna to go on recon for youma activity and contact me later so that I would be like to be alone with Minako if there is anything changes I"ll contact u immediately. Artemis and the rest says okay as Artemis says lets go. Rei walks in Minako's room as she sits down, "Minako I know you can hearing my voice by the way I feel so helpless to see you like that way."

*Minako's past flashback*

At rooftop of Juuban Hospital, very distant Minako standing in darkness as she watches the city of tokyo in deep thought all of sudden there is white cat falling out of the sky it lands right into Minako's hands as she looks down to see what it is. Artemis begins to talk to Minako, "Venus, I'm glad to found u again anyway therefore You're chosen to be Sailor Venus!." Minako went huh?, as she asked Artemis, Am I the chosen senshi to be Sailor Venus?" Artemis said, "Minako, yes you're the chosen senshi to be reborn into Sailor Venus once again, the earth needs you and find the princess to re-awaken her as well." Minako thinks to herself in coma, "I have to try to get back to reality and fight along side with my princess, the senshi."

*Minako finally regained consciousness from a month in coma*

1 month, 5 days later at Juuban Hospital there is Rei sitting by at Minako's bedside manner as she rests on her head against Minako's bed as she holds her hand all of sudden Minako squeezes Rei's hand, Rei wakes up to see whats happening. Minako finally regains her consciousness as it groggily to see who its there as she calls out who's there?, Rei replies Yes, I'm here Minako ah you're finally awaken?! as Rei breaks into crying.

Minako groans as she pushes herself back up against her hospital bed, Rei can u pass me the water? onegai as Rei gave her the water. Minako said, "Arigatou anyway by the how long I was been out?" Rei tells her, "You been in coma for a month and 5 days and u nearly had us scared to death and were helpless to help u but u were drifting in and out of consciousness then all of sudden u were in coma."

Minako said, "Really, I'm so sorry to know that I dont meant to scare you guys like that but due in time that I'm dying with tumor inside my head. Im waiting for princess to reawaken and have her heal me soon but I dont think she will be able to heal me in time before death claims me." Rei frowns as she bows her head down, Minako sees her and says "Dont give me that miserable face like that way, but you and the senshi still needs me cause I'm the leader therefore I still can fight that are still left in my body."

Rei assures Minako that she'll be better that she has to rest in bed, Minako says "Ok thats fine with me I'll stay in bed to rest for a while. By the way, Minako "I have to make a phone call to Artemis and the rest to let them know whats the going on, if its all right with you that I could inform them?." Minako said, "Go ahead Rei"

*The senshi and Luna at Crown Karaoke, youma appears!*

All of sudden, one of their phone rings as the senshi said whose phone just rang ne? Usagi said, ah that would be my cell phone as she replies moshi moshi? Rei is on another end of cell phone, saying "Usagi, I have good news for u and the senshi to let you know that Minako is finally regains her consciousness and is doing all right so will you guys coming back to visit her? Usagi said, "Thank goodness! arigatou Rei see you soon also tell Minako that I said Hi so we'll be on our way to see her in few min." Rei says, "Ok I'll tell her the message for you so we can expect you and the rest in few min bye!" *phone hung up*

Usagi shuts her cell phone, as it put away in her pocket well every one Minako is finally regained her consciouness as well rested at her bed in hospital also I told her that we will meet her right now.

20 mins later, the Senshi and Luna on their way all of sudden Luna picks up the strong youma activity near Juuban Hospital. Youma shows up out of now where at outside of Juuban Hospital. Usagi screams "those youma again?!

*The Senshi's transformation*

Usagi: Moon prism power! make up! Solider of love and justice, Sailor Moon! In the name of Moon I'll punish you!

Makoto: Jupiter power! make up! Solider of thunder and courange, Sailor Jupiter! In the name of Jupiter I'll punish you!

Ami: Mercury power! make up! Solider of water and wisdom, Sailor Mercury! In the name of Mercury I'll punish you!

Luna: Luna prism power! make up! Solider of love and everything little, Sailor Luna In the name of the Moon I'll punish you!

*defeating tough youma, arrival at Minako's hospital room*

Usagi screams "Lets use the star tambourine against this youma, what a difficult situation as we are in!" The senshi nods their head as Luna breaks out halisen into cresent moon wand as 4 youma comes after them, the girls got out of it in time to zap the tambourine same time as luna shouts luna sucre candy! Youma are blasted to dust... Luna screams Yatta! We did it!

The senshi and Luna were de-transformed on way to enterance of Juuban hospital, as Ami looks at time and says whoops looks like we're 10 min late for meeting up with Rei, and Minako up at 10th floor. Usagi tells Ami, "I'm sure Minako doesnt mind that we have to keep fighting against youma and beryl for protection of this earth and people thats what Minako intends us to keep carry on the burden from our past lives."

Luna says ah! there is elevator available, lets go! The senshi walks to get in the elevator as Usagi presses the 10th floor button to go up, while the elevator goes up to 10th floor and all of sudden the light flash says 10th floor. Usagi looks up ah! its our exit out, lets go *walks out of the elevator on way to Minako's hospital room*

The senshi walked in Minako's room, as Rei says "What the heck have you guys have been its 10 min late?!." Minako tells Rei, "Shh! this is hospital" by the way Usagi, its all right I dont mind, you guy must ve ran into youma I guess ne?." Usagi replies back to

Minako's question, "Hai! Minako-chan there was 4 youma tried to attack me so I had the girls and Luna to cover me as all of us got out of the harm's way and zap them to dust."

Luna asked Minako, how u feeling? Minako replied back to Luna, "Yes I just woked up from my comatose for 1 month 5 days which Rei was with me all along to make sure that I'm all right."

Dr. Mizuno came in, says hello girls as she notices Minako is up and chatting with girls, and when did u regained consciousness Minako? Rei told Dr. Mizuno, Minako regained her consciouness around 1pm today it seems that she is all right and fully communicated with me for 6 hrs also she was thirsty so I gave her some water.

Dr. Mizuno nods her head, Ok thanks Rei for informing me, "Can u and girls please leave while I'm doing checking up and vital signs on Minako-chan for few min? ok thanks."

The girls and Rei leaving the room to sit in the hallway, Usagi asked Rei why didnt u contact us in first place? Rei replied, "I'm so sorry Usagi I ve forgotten all day about that because I was thrilled to see Minako regains her consciousness and talked with her all day to make sure Minako was all right."

*Meanwhile in Minako's hospital room*

Dr. Mizuno talked to Minako in privately, Minako have u feeling the symptom like dizzy, fatagiue, losing consciousness, weakness, headache? as Minako replied, "Yes just one I have been expericing some headaches, most of them was horribly headache and went fainted few times I dont know why, but once that headaches goes way I feel better for some reason." Dr. Mizuno nods her head, ah I understand u been having a tough business in idol life right? Minako replied "Yeah, I was thinking about taking some vacations to maintain my personal life and maybe take spa to relax to reduce the stress that would do just fine?."

Dr. Mizuno replied, "Yes I would recommend you to take spa and vacation to reduce ur stress, by teh way I'll schedule ur appointment with Neurology to see whats going on with your headaches on ur brain to see whats going on, it will be scheduled next week or two as She tells Minako let me check your eyes to see if its respond to the light if the pupils in your eyes responds. *checks Minako's eye with her light pen, Minako's eyes were reacts to it* ok thats good Minako go rest as I'll summon girls to come back in so they can spend time with you.

*Dr. Mizuno leaves Minako's room*

Dr. Mizuno summons the girls, gave them the update on Minako's condition that Minako is all right as the girls sighed of relief. The girls walked back in Minako's hospital room to see her and chatting for a while they're discussing about what to do about Queen Beryl's plan is, Artemis jumped up on Minako's bed as he sleeps soundly on her laps.

Minako said, "Minna-san can go home because I'm so tired so I'll see you guys or Artemis will contact you when I can get myself back together oyasumi minna san."

Usagi said, Ok Minako I guess we'll see you tomorrow or so get well soon! as she and the girls left the room, Minako watches them leaving while Minako thinks princess, I need u to awakening as princess and heal me soon *falls as sleep*

*kirari* to be continued

I'm still expericing some writer's block but I'm barely brainstorming for chapter 6 and 7 *evil cackles* and has run out some of ideas for chapter 5-7

enjoy the chapter 4!

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ok guys i'm putting chapter 5-7 on hold cause i have something planned since i read the spoiler of act 44-46 it seems very promising for me to get more ideas for my chapter 5-7. sighs gotta do brainstorming on senshi vs shintennou and music box part for chapter 5 but it will be on hold as well ...

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