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I wanted to dedicate this one to Minako Aino/Sailor Venus who played by Ayaka Komatsu in PGSM

references to japanese words

gomen nasai= sorry/im sorry
uso!= no way!
mata ne= see you later

Genre: Angst/Action

Title: "Minako's dying in will to live"

Chapter 3

Minako still in pain as she groans, it signal to tell Usagi to call nurse to check on her... The nurse came in the room and checks on Minako's vital signs, and turns around, girls and the boy Minako's conditon is getting worse, so please you girls please help her to keep calm.. Usagi and the group says okay... Nurse told Usagi I'll be right back to get Doctor Mizuno... All of sudden Minako went blacked out, as her memories flashes back, Venus: Princess! I told you many times not to come to Earth, Princess its a forbidden! lets go back home to Silver Millennum before your mother yells at me and other guardians as well.

Usagi sees Minako being unconscious, and called Minako-chan? twice Minako didnt respond to wake up to Usagi's voice..

*Nurse left to get Dr. Mizuno as Usagi and the senshi over heard the PA that announcing they're paging Dr. Mizuno to Minako Aino's room no. VIP #2 stat!*

Ami says uhoh thats my mother, I guess some of us better leave so you can stay with Minako-chan Usagi? Usagi says okay *the senshi, and Mamoru leaves the room to sit in hallway*

Finally, Dr. Mizuno arrived and asked Nurse whats matter? Nurse told Dr. Mizuno, its Minako's condition is seems to be bit worse can u do something to help her? Dr. Mizuno grabs Minako's chart record to see whats update on her condition and see what she can do *thinking* as she spots her daughter Ami sitting in the hallway with her friends...

Ami? what were u doing here? Ami says Mom, I'm here with my friends and my good friend is in the bed which is Minako-chan, she is in lots of pain... I couldn't stand to see my friend go like that way.. can u do help her onegai, mom. Dr. Mizuno says Ok, Ami see what I can do for your friend.. See you later also I'll tell u the update on Minako's condition later if u like Ami so bye.

Ami waves good bye to her mom, Dr. Mizuno walks in Minako's room as Usagi spots her and says Hello Dr. Mizuno nice to mee you, I'm Usagi Tsukino a good friend of your daughter's from school anyway I'm very concerned about Minako's condition, it seems she is getting worse by minute. I cannot stay here any longer to watch her in horribly pain like this.

*back to Minako's flash backs*

Venus and the senshi being attacked, the Silver Millennium is falling down around them, as the debris falling cause them to find another path around get to princess, but couldnt get there in time, she heard Princess Serenity's screaming. Venus says Oh no, Beryl is killing Prince Endymion, *Endymion's body lifeless* as Serenity kneels down as she screams Endymion's name. Venus watches Princess Serenity in agony over her lifeless prince...

Beryl stabs rest of guardians, as Venus fought the last moments of her life against Beryl, ha ha you die! Venus got killed by unseen force from Beryl's as Venus's body falls on the steps of Silver Millennium along her fellow guardians.

*In Minako's hospital room*

Dr. Mizuno, Usagi can u give me some moment to go over Minako's vital signs and exams so u and others can come back in later when I'm done with the exams? Usagi says okay Dr. Mizuno as she leaves Minako's side to the hallway to be with the senshi and Mamoru..

Oh my godness, Minako isnt doing too well, I dont know whats going on with her life Usagi said to the everyone in the hallway with her.

The senshi, and Mamoru frowns as their heads went down, all of sudden Rei decides to come foward to tell Usagi and the senshi to know whats going on with Minako's condition as she told Senshi and Usagi to know that Minako is dying, as she doesnt have that much time...

Usagi and the senshi went o.O in shock, we cant do something about it? Luna said to Usagi "Unfortunately u cant Usagi" Usagi went frown, I know I havent come in full blown with my powers yet to heal anything like this just yet.

*Dr. Mizuno comes out of Minako's room*

Usagi? called by Dr. Mizuno, Minako's condition is now stable and will be on way to recovery soon.. Just let her rest so u guys can give her some quiet as you can go back in room now...

Usagi says domo arigatou to Dr. Mizuno as Dr. Mizuno said back to Usagi "doo itashitamashite" as walks away to back to her another round of patients to see...

*Back in Minako's hospital room*

Usagi and the senshi sittin at Minako's beside, Usagi talking softly to Minako's ears as she said Come back to us Minako since we need you are the leader of senshi. As in Minako's unconscious mind, Venus yells, "Beryl, u were the one who invaded the moon kingdom and killed every one including prince endymion?! as Beryl runs the sword through Venus as she screams, "Princess! no!." All of sudden Venus falls to teh steps of Silver Millennium. Venus had a last moment, she witnessed princess's death when princess stabs herself with endymion's sword as Venus slumped and died.

Rei sits down near Minako's bedside manner, and said to Minako "Minako, please come back so be strong as we need you cause you are the leader of senshi. In Minako's unconscious mind, Minako heard Rei's voice calls out to her, as Minako thinks to herself "Oh no, Rei wanted me to regain my consciouness to come back and wake up to let them know that I'm all right? hello?! anybody? omg! Im in deep coma that means I never get to wake up again."

*kirari* to be continued! chap 4 or it depends if i'm inspired again, or get more ideas for my story to be continued up to chapter 7 *thinking* since this story is my first fan fiction to be done for first time in 3 yrs since i graduated from high school so be bear with my english/grammar.. therefore i'm still rusty at writing a story!

domo arigatou!