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I wanted to dedicate this one to Minako Aino/Sailor Venus who played by Ayaka Komatsu in PGSM

references to japanese words

gomen nasai= sorry/im sorry
uso!= no way!
mata ne= see you later

Genre: Angst/Action

Title: "Minako's dying in will to live"

Chapter 2

*Host announces to the audience, just be remain calm and stay in ur seat onegai*

*audience silence the room*

Finally the paramedics arrived on the stage, paramedic #1 checks Minako's pulse and her breathing, and paramedic # 2 asks the questions to one of Minako's personal staff.

While paramedic # 1 puts the oxygen mask on Minako to help her to breathe normally and set up the IV to make her feeling better, as paramedic #2 said thanks to Minako's staffs, and asked one of Staff to come in with Minako to over see Minako's safety and concerns... as Paramedics puts Minako on the gurney and left the stage as Minako's audiences claps, as they're wondered about Minako is all right?


*host announces this concert is over, you in the audiences will be informed if there is rescheduled of Minako's concert, so onegai go home and pray for Minako's, Arigatou everybody oyasumi nasai!*

Usagi was saddden that her idol is sick and wondered where she is now, *prays to god that Minako is all right and get better soon*, as she is crying... Mamoru hold Usagi in his arm and makes her feel better that He and her will be going to visit Minako tomorrow at Hospital to cheer Minako up.... Usagi said ok all right Mamo-chan, can u take me home?

Mamoru said Sure Usagi, lets go get home...

*At The Tsukino residence*

Mamoru and Usagi at door step, Mamoru gives Usagi a kiss on its cheek, and says oyasumi nasai, also I'll see you tomorrow to pick you up ok? Usagi gave Mamoru a hug and says oyasumi nasai and see ya too!

*Next day*

Usagi got her stuff ready to go with Mamoru to visit Minako-chan at Juuban Hospital, as she heard the car beeping at front of her house, ran down the stairs and shouts mama I'll be back later! Mama Tsukino says bye bye Usagi!...

Mamoru saw Usagi and hi to her as Usagi gets in the car with Mamoru, and asked her are u ready?, Usagi puts her seat belt on and says yea let s go...

Few mins later, Usagi and Mamoru arrived at Juuban Hospital and bumps into shacho-san and see if he knows where is Minako resting at. Shacho-san says Yes, u are Minako-chan's friend Usagi Tsukino ne?

Usagi replied, Hai thats me shacho-san.

*In Minako's hospital room*

The Nurse checking on Minako's vital signs and medications to make sure its helping her as We see Minako resting and breathe on special oxygen thing on her nose..

Minako wakens up in her hospital bed, and says where am I? as groggily, the nurse told Minako to let her know that she is all right and is in hospital.. Minako said domo arigatou and I'm so thirsty.. As the nurse gave her some water to help Minako... Minako says arigatou once again.. Nurse left Minako's room

Minako groans as she moves around in her bed, and spots Artemis on her bed, oh hi Artemis whats going on? Artemis said Minako u scared me to death cause you fainted on the stage right in front of the audience including Usagi and Mamoru.... so are u feeling?

Minako says to Artemis, I'm not really all right, since few months ago I can remember what my doctor told me that I have 2 or 3 months to live, and my time is running out as my patience is wears thin. Minako heard the door knock, as she says come in and sees Usagi and Mamoru with the gifts... Usagi/Mamoru: Here these gifts for you from both of us to say domo arigatou for the best memorable of live concert and tickets... Minako said Aww, you're welcome both of you, also thanks for this gifts...


Mamoru gave Minako, a dozens of orange roses and card says Get well soon, Minako!

Usagi's gift gave to Minako is Card and Rabbit that bears Minako's name...

*back to Minako, Mamoru and Usagi*

Usagi asked her, you scared me to death that u fainted and I screamed at ur name to wake u up in the Audience... do u remember anything from last night event?

Minako replied, Yes, I remember where I was on the stage and sang "romance" to audience, you and mamoru.. all of sudden there was my visions went blurry as the room spins, next thing I knew that I was fainted.. and I did hear audience and you screaming out my name especially my crew from Rainbow Tour as well it was very faint sound....

Usagi/Mamoru says to Minako, We hope u get better soon!

Minako said arigatou gozaimasu back to them, as Mamoru starts to leave Minako's room, as Usagi is about to leave, Minako calls Princess, dont leave in very faint voice.. Usagi looked at Minako to see whats going on, Minako tells her please contact Rei and others to get here asap especially Luna... hayaku... Minako's hand grips on Usagi's arm as Usagi made the phone call to everyone including Luna to come here at once....

Usagi sees Minako is struggling with her life, as Minako went in/out of consicious.. Mamoru? Usagi tells him, can u do me a favor? go pick my friends up and they will bring luna along thanks! Usagi calls the rest of senshi and luna to let them know that Mamoru is coming to pick them up in 2 min... meet him outside of crown jewel.

Usagi talking to Minako in softly voice, they're on way so hang on Minako-chan...
Finally, the senshi and luna, mamoru arrived at Minako's room... Rei saw Minako laying in her hospital bed, and screams Minako!, Usagi reminds Rei shh!, Minako woke up to Rei's voice, and said something in very faint voice says Hi guys...., Usagi tell them what happened to me last night... Usagi says All right Minako I'll tell them..

Usagi said to the senshi and Luna, about the incident at Minako's live concert with Mamoru, all of sudden Minako went fainted and were down on the floor for several mintues, but couldnt wake up by her crew so the paramedics brought her to here... I was so scared in my life for Minako's... Thank god for Mamoru were there to support me.... Minako went groans loudly as it startled the senshi and Luna... Luna asked Minako whats going on? Minako couldnt reply, she was in lots of pain.

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