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I wanted to dedicate this one to Minako Aino/Sailor Venus who played by Ayaka Komatsu in PGSM

references to japanese words

gomen nasai= sorry/im sorry
uso!= no way!
mata ne= see you later

Genre: Angst/Action

Title: "Minako's dying in will to live"

Chapter 1

There one girl, named Minako Aino which is 14 years old girl in idol who got her dream to be idol singer, is described in golden long hair with red bow, sapphire eyes and beautifully young woman...

None of Senshi and Princess knows about Minako is dying.. especially Rei does know about it all along..

Since She ran into Minako at Juuban Hospital about 6 months ago...

Artemis walking in Minako's living room, and tells Minako, are u all right? Minako says Yes, i'm all right Artemis...

Not to worry about me so we have to help senshi to train princess for final battle against Queen Beryl and Meteria.

Artemis agrees with Minako about the training princess/sailor moon to
wield her skills to fight against Queen Beryl in order to prevent them from taking over the earth once again just like the past in Silver Millennium that was destroyed by Queen Beryl.

Minako was only ones to remember the past and the war of Silver Millennum intacts in her memory, she is struggling to either not to tell Usagi or another 3 senshi...

Ah! I have to get going to be some where, Artemis... Artemis said Ok see you later Minako.

She says bai bai to Artemis as she leaves the apartment of hers to going to the live concert that she is scheduled to appear to performing her songs including brand new "romance!"

The battle at the rooftop made the noise that got Minako's attention, She shouted "Venus Power! make up!" (henshin), Kunzite summons the wind attack from his sword at Endymion and Sailor Moon as they closes their eyes, out of now where Venus appears!

Venus's voice broke out "Venus love me chain!" as she steps in very same spot as she blocked kunzite's wind attack from being hurt endymion and her princess...

Kunzite says Damn you, Venus!

All of the sudden, Jadeite appears with ice pick stick coming at sailor moon.. Venus fought against Kunzite with her chain, she barely move faster as she can to defeat..

Endymion turns around and saw jadeite tries to stab sailor moon, Venus screams endymion! protect her as u can!

Endymion shouts back at Venus, yes i'm protecting her far as i can in my power! * push jadeite away with his sword * dont u dare to kill my lady!

The voice of Queen Beryl's rang out as Venus/Moon/Endymion battles against Kunzite/Jadeite, the lighting stirkes around them.

Kunzite and Jadeite screams "Queen Beryl-sama! dont! as they cover their cape as Beryl takes them away" as the lighting and clouds disappears into blue sky comes out...

Venus saying "whats going on?, i hope my princess is all right as she thinks to herself" as she over hears Moon runs over to see Endymion/Mamoru to see if he is all right..

Mamoru/Endymion says Yes i'm all right my princess... Venus watches them as she was angst for princess to come to her aid to heal her, but Moon doesnt know that her own leader/guardian is dying to death now..

Venus walks up to Endymion/Mamoru and Moon were smiling to each
other as Venus calls out "Princess" as Moon hears her, and looks at Venus. Venus said "gomen nasai, for my behavior today, princess here is the enevlope and mata ne!" as she looks sad and walks away...

Moon looks at the evenlope and wondered what it is as Mamoru/Endymion looks at Moon, Is that live concert tickets? Moon opened it as she spots the live concert tickets and screams! omg! thats Minako-chan's live concert tickets!

Moon went ??? Why would Venus give me this tickets? Endymion/Mamoru says omg I cant belive u have no idea who that Venus was? I know who she is Minako Aino as Sailor V back in the day when I was Tux Kamen! Moon looks down as she thinks, uso!

*Romance song begins*

Minako's voice can be heard in auditorium:

I love you baby baby,
snuff out the lights
baby baby, kiss me
baby baby

Mamoru and Usagi runs to the stairs, as they got arrived in time for Minako's performance as they gives the ticket holder the tickets as it tears apart and give back to them, Usagi pulls Mamoru "hurry!" as they got in, as Usagi spots Minako singing on the stage.

Minako sings "Kiss me on the cheek as she flashes the famous V trademark at Usagi's direction" Usagi says Minako-Chan! ^_^

Back to Minako sings on the stage:

I need you, baby baby
snuff out the lights
Baby baby, kiss me
baby baby lay your cheeks against me
baby baby, its so whimsical, isnt it?
baby baby!
but still its fun!
hey! I see the hope
hey, I can see my wishes, wishes, wishes

Minako feels her energy drained, voice fades out as her visions went blurry as the rooms spins around her visions once again... Minako groans * her body falls, thud loudly it shook up her fans in the audiences as audiences went screaming...

*Minako's staffs in backstage ran to teh stage*

Minako's staffs tries to wake minako, and calls her name out, Minako *doesnt wake up, she is laying on the floor and blacked out....

Staff #1: call paramedic! at once! *staffs on stage still shaking Minako's arms to see if she awakens or not, as female staff turns her over to check her breathing and pulse to check how her blood pressure... female staff: omg! its not good news. Minako has faint pulse and breathing....

*back in audience* Usagi spots Minako-chan is laying on the middle of stage with Minako's staff* Usagi's voice rang out the audience to call Minako's name*

*kirari* to be continued!!!!! second chapter is on way!