Mercury + Nephrite... thingy. (fanfiction... scene) by Lichan

Nephrite watched Ami Mizuno as she walked through the hall in the school. Soon he would be able to get to her and then she would lead him to the silver crystal. Soon enough.
"Ami-chan!" Usagi ran up to meet up with her friend, and Nephrite took a step backwards. What did she do there?! School hadn't even started yet.
The two friends walked towards their classroom, back facing Nephrite. As more and more students passed by they gave him strange looks because of his clothing. A black leather jacket along with pants in the same material, added by a red shirt... Nothing similiar to the school uniforms. The door opened and Usagi went into the classroom, calling out; "Ohayo!"
She received a reply from her classmates, but Ami stood outside, slightly hesitant.
"Mizuno Ami." said a low voice and she quickly looked to her right.
Nephrite smiled and snapped his fingers, changing his outfit into the regular one. Ami's eyes darted towards the maroon cape, and her gaze was fixed there.
"Do you remember, Sailor Mercury?"
Sailor Mercury... that's who you are, said a voice inside her head as she closed the door and quickly looked both ways to see if anyone was in the hall... No. She was alone with Nephrite.
"Mercury power! Make up!"
Nephrite crossed his arms across the chest with a delighted smile on his lips.
"Soldier of water and wisdom, I'm Sailor Mercury! In the name of- Ah!"
Sailor Mercury was tossed into the wall several meters behind her by an energywave from Nephrite. He slowly began to walk towards her, still smiling.
"I never got to thank you for the cape, did I?"
"Neph- uh!" As Sailor Mercury tried to get up to her feet Nephrite suddenly stopped and looked through the glass into the classroom, where Usagi was. Obviously she hadn't noticed anything, and that was how things would remain, if Mercury would co-operate.
"Do not look so scared, Sailor Mercury. I'm only here to thank you, and to ask you a favour. Since I did, after all, save you from Kunzite, did I not?"
Nephrite was now only a meter away from her, but he didn't attack, nor did he act like if he would, he only... leaned back towards the wall, waiting for her to rise.
"What..." Mercury asked as she slowly got to her feet. "What do you want? We are already... even."
"As I said, I want to ask for a favour."
"What? Another cape?" Sailor Mercury suddenly fell silent. Why did she say such a... sarcastic thing? It wasn't like her.
"No." Nephrite looked at her with the clear blue eyes as he searched for her look. "Not really."
"Then what?"
"I know you know... Sailor Moon, Tsukino Usagi and-"
"Don't you dare touch her!"
"And, the silver crystal."
"You want the silver crystal..." Sailor Mercury nodded and then looked up at Nephrite. "But I can not give that to you."
"Well then, I guess I have no other option than-"
"Why?" She cut him off in a desperate tone. "Why don't you just... Nephrite! I know that you... you and Jedaite..."
"What about that brat?"
"You compete. For Queen Beryl's love, demo-!"
"That is none of your busniess!" As if he reached out for her another energy wave came towards her and she flew back to the wall, yet again.
"Demo..." She rose much faster than the first time. "You don't need that Nephrite!"
"Urusai!" (Shut up) A blast hit Mercury and she fell to the floor once again.
"Nephrite..." she mumbled as she looked down. "Why? Why don't you realize what's right and wrong? That you really don't... need anyone besides yourself? Except for friends?" Sailor Mercury looked up at Nephrite, who would see that she now had tears in her eyes. He backed up a step, what was this? Why did she... react in such a way?!
"Jedaite, Zoisite, Kunzite... Queen Beryl, they aren't your friends... they go behind your back... you all go behind each others back, that's not what friends do..." She slowly rised and took a limping step towards Nephrite. "But... if you want-"
"What are you trying to do Mercury?!"
"If you want... I can become your friend..."
"What-" Nephrite cut himself off as he felt how someone grabbed him by his waist and a head towards his chest.
"If you want me to..." Sailor Mercury whispered as her grip around Nephrite became harder. She closed her eyes and leaned his head against his chest... it was so warm. She felt safe as she heard his heartbeat, heartbeats that became faster and faster - she felt safe in his arms.
What did she do?! Why did she hug him?! What... what was this?! Nephrite's blue eyes looked shocked down at Sailor Mercury's blue hair as she hugged him. Why did she care about him? Why did she offer herself to be his friend? To be... his... friend? Maybe she tricked him? Maybe it was a trap? To... to get to him? To kill him? Yes, that was what it had to be... a trap, to make him lose his mind, so that she and the other senshi could get to him, and get him out of the way, cause she was a senshi and he was... from the Dark Kingdom. Why would she want to be friends with him?!
"I see a light inside of you..." Sailor Mercury suddenly said, as if she could read his mind. "Kibou no hikari..." (Light of hope)
"Onegai..." (Please) she looked up at him. "Atashi wo... shinjite..." (Belive in me)
"Mercury..." the tune in his voice wasn't as harsh as it had been earlier, but still a bit insecure. "Naze?" (Why?)
"Because... I care for you."
Because... I care for you, those words lingered in his mind as he looked down at her again. For you... For me?
Still confused, but a bit relieved he slowly put his arms around her and hugged her tight. I care for you too...

More to come soon!