Hunter - Prologue - by Tiana

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An age ago the world was at peace. The entire Earth was united under one banner
and co-existed peacefully with its neighbouring kingdom on the Moon. The Moon
Kingdom was ruled by beautiful a graceful Queen who found love at a young age in a
man at court from a distant realm. Her mother had died young and so she was forced to
take the throne at this tender age without the experience of life behind her.
It was not long before the Queen found herself to be pregnant and gave birth to a
beautiful baby girl who shared her father's black hair and her mother's brilliant blue eyes.
Her hair was taken as an ill omen by some, who were convinced that the Queen's consort
was bringing impurities into the Royal line that would bring about disaster. So the Sailor
Senshi, guardians of the Queen and the Moon Kingdom, were gathered and decided to
keep the princess a secret. Her hair would be bleached silver in short time with exposure
to the ginzuishou and the kingdom did not have to be thrown into panic over such a
simple thing.
It was not long, however, before the Kingdom had far more to worry about than a
child's hair colour. The Queen's consort was tired of having no power to rule and
arranged an assassination. While the Senshi managed to protect the Queen and slay the
consort, it was discovered that there were many conspirators in the palace, and that tender
child, Princess Serenity, was not safe on the Moon.
The eldest and most respected of the Senshi, Sailor Pluto, took the child and hid
her away on the Earth, a planet without war too large for the conspirators to find her. The
child's adoptive parents were to care for her until the conspirators were dealt with and
were trusted with her life. They did not know the power of the child they held, Sailor
Pluto simply left her at their doorstep, knowing them to be good people, and that they
would watch over her.
Fourteen years passed with much intrigue and strife before the Moon Kingdom
became a safe place again. The Queen was older and wiser and the people loved her.
She wanted desperately to have her child at her side, but the Princess could not be found,
and Sailor Pluto could only say that she was no longer with the parents destined to raise
The Queen despaired but knew through the wisdom of the ginzuishou that her
daughter, though missing, was alive and well. At 16 she would come of age and the
power would call to her and she to it. A year, however, as too long for the Queen to wait,
and with the next generation of Senshi finished their training, they were sent to Earth to
find the missing Princess...

More to come soon.....