Blue Shadows - a PGSM Kunzite & Mercury Sekkushiaru Roman by Luna Hope
Rated: NC17 | Genre: Romance | Season: PGSM

Dark Mercury pensively stared at the full moon's pure light glinting
off the water's surface. She tried to make sense of the vague
feelings and glimpses of visions that passed by her mind's eye, but
it hurt, a lot. Mercury closed her eyes and pressed her fingers to
her temple to try to relieve the pressure she felt there.

A sudden splash shattered the night's stillness and made Mercury
look up with a start.

"Look not!" Kunzite commanded as he walked up behind Dark Mercury.
"You are already in the darkness."

Kunzite had been trying to catch up to Dark Mercury ever since the
battle when the princess had been revealed as Sailor Moon. He had
whisked Mercury away to protect her from the crystal's power and she
had silently walked away from him after they had materialized in the
Dark Kingdom. No one had seen her since then and he had been
worried. She always came back before, eventually. This time, with
the way things had gone during the battle, he wasn't sure.

Dark Mercury was useful. Kunzite admitted to himself that he didn't
know exactly how yet, especially since she fought him every step of
the way, but he did know he didn't want his hold on her to be
broken. He figured just having her under his control was enough to
prove to the Senshi that he was a force to be reckoned with and they
should fear him. It was inevitable that he'd defeat them all, even
their princess.

Swirling around, Dark Mercury faced Kunzite, chin up and eyes
blazing. "I can look at anything I want!" she rebutted. "Don't
tell me what I can and can't do! I'm *still* mad at you for pushing
me out of the way at the fight! How *dare* you! I had everything
under control and was winning until you got in my way!" Mercury
raised her hand and poked Kunzite in the chest as she continued to
scold, "*You* stay out of *my* way from now on!"

Watching the little spitfire in blue tell him off, Kunzite couldn't
help chuckling as he grabbed her assaulting digit. He enveloped her
small hand with his to hold it still. "Of course, you're not
thanking me for saving your little butt back there and you *weren't*
winning. That's why I stepped in."

Glaring, Mercury tried to pull her hand out of his, as she demanded,
"Let go of me!"

It was obvious Mercury wanted to leave. "No," Kunzite answered.
"I've been looking for you for two days. Where have you been?"

Dark Mercury tugged against his grip, stating, "It's none of your

Now Kunzite was getting annoyed. "Like it or not, it *is* my
business! I need to know you're okay and didn't…" Kunzite stopped
himself from saying, "escape." Instead he said, "get injured in the

Dark Mercury would have come back with some scathing remark if she
could have. Instead, she squinted and grabbed her head with her
other hand as if in pain. Her face then drained of all color, her
eyes rolled back in her head and she fainted.

Quickly catching her in his arms, Kunzite cursed then transported
back to the Dark Kingdom.


Kunzite materialized in the Dark Kingdom cave and looked down at
Dark Mercury in his arms. He saw she was now conscious and slowly
put her feet down so she could stand. He decided he liked the way
she had felt in his arms and was reluctant to let her go, so he

Mercury looked up questioningly at Kunzite and he quietly asked,
"Are you okay?"

A little overwhelmed by Kunzite's closeness and shocked by the
genuine concern in his voice, Mercury silently nodded. Kunzite then
surprised both of them by kissing her.

When Kunzite did something he did it decisively, and this was no
different. His one hand moved to cradle Mercury's head at the nape
of her neck and his arm wrapped around her. Splaying his hand over
the small of her back, he held her close.

Sensually brushing his lips against Mercury's, Kunzite gently but
insistently bade entrance to her mouth with nibbles and licks.
Mercury gasped when Kunzite pulled her bottom lip to suck on it, and
that was all he needed.

This was Mercury's first real kiss. When she felt Kunzite's tongue
sweep into her mouth to coax her tongue to play, it totally
overwhelmed her. She could do nothing but comply.

As they continued to kiss, Kunzite pulled Mercury into the
relatively private shadows of an alcove. It may have been a while,
but Kunzite wasn't unfamiliar with what a woman liked. As his hands
began to roam over Mercury's soft curves and his lips traveled to
her sensitive ear and throat, he could tell she was enjoying it.
His hand slid down her hip and thigh then back up to touch between
her legs. He could feel the warmth and moistness of her response to
him even through the material of her uniform. Unable to resist, he
slipped under the edge of the thin strip of material and gently slid
his finger into her.

To Mercury, it seemed like every place Kunzite kissed and touched
increased her pleasure and her desire for more. When she felt him
reach between her legs, she almost collapsed from the new

Kunzite had noticed a conveniently placed rock, and he turned
Mercury until he could put one of her feet up on it. It gave him
much better access to her, and he crouched down on one knee in front
of her. Using his second hand, he pushed the crotch of Mercury's
uniform aside and slowly began to move his finger in and out,
stroking her.

Mercury was startled when she felt Kunzite lean forward and press
his lips against her. He didn't let her pull away from him, and
when he began to lick and suck on her most sensitive flesh, she
thought she'd die. She hadn't felt anything like this before.

Feeling Mercury tremble and hearing her sighs and whimpers of need
encouraged Kunzite to continue and increase his efforts. Soon he
heard her gaspingly mewl and felt her body repeatedly constrict
around his invading digit.

Kunzite stood up and Mercury bonelessly leaned against him. She
watched through half-lidded eyes as he methodically licked his
finger clean. Kunzite then leaned down to kiss her, and she was
surprised to realize she tasted herself on him and that it wasn't

He may have been a fearsome, Dark Kingdom general but Kunzite wasn't
totally without mercy. He could tell by Mercury's innocent and
overwhelmed responses that this was already much more than she had
ever experienced before with a man. He knew if he just lifted her
and took her to bed that she would not be able to resist him, but
Kunzite had more heart buried deep inside of him than he ever let
on. It took a lot of effort, but Kunzite pulled away from her
tempting lips and huskily warned, "If you don't wish to share my bed
with me tonight, then you had better go now."

The guileless incomprehension in Mercury's eyes almost made him
worry she didn't understand his statement, but then he saw
realization cross her expression, quickly followed by embarrassment.
She buried her flushed face into his chest, but didn't leave.

Kunzite repeated his statement. He was barely holding her, and he
meant it when he said he'd let her go, but all Mercury did was
silently shake her head without looking up.

Still holding back, Kunzite warned, "Last chance…" When Mercury
still didn't move, he swept her up into his arms, quickly walked up
to a door, entered and kicked it closed behind him. He continued on
through a room that was obviously an office to the next room, which
was his bedroom.

Kunzite sat Mercury on the edge of his bed and leaned her back until
she was lying down. She didn't resist when he unsheathed his sword
and deftly cut her uniform off without leaving a scratch on her.

The uniform peeled back from her body to reveal her pertly sized
breasts, flat stomach and a small tuft of blue-black hair.

Kunzite stood by the bed between her legs and smiled appreciatively
as he sheathed his sword. He reached out to softly massage her
inner thighs, then ran his thumbs over the smooth, bare skin to each
side of her curled hair. He noted, "So, you do shave it. I

Mercury blushed and squirmed a little as Kunzite's intimate gaze and
touch both embarrassed and excited her.

With a knowing smile, Kunzite barely skimmed his fingers over the
center of her, teasing her. Much to Mercury's disappointment, he
moved his hands away from her body and straightened up.

Kunzite removed his clothes, dropping them on the floor. Mercury's
eyes widened, excited and a little fearful, as she got her first
glimpse of a naked man with obvious desire for her. She watched him
lean forward and gulped nervously as she thought, "This is it!"

Wrapping his hands around her waist, Kunzite slid Mercury a little
further up the bed so her feet could rest on it with her knees up.
She expected him to just go ahead and do it, but instead he leaned
down to gently kiss her there. Mercury then thought he would do
what he had done before, but his kisses wandered slowly up over her
stomach. When he reached her breasts, he carefully rested his body
over her and began to run his tongue over her right nipple.

"Oh…" Mercury sighed as he pulled the pale pink tip into his mouth
and began to suckle her. Kunzite's hand moved up to play with her
other breast, and Mercury squirmed, pressing and rubbing her groin
against his stomach that was cradled between her legs. The
sensations she now recognized returned in waves, making her
instinctively wrap her arms around his head to hold him close for
more. Mercury started to bury her fingers in Kunzite's hair, then
realized he still wore the high ponytail and gold chain circlet over
his brow. Partially distracted by them, Mercury lifted the jewelry
up, pulled the tie from his hair and tossed both unceremoniously
across the bed. Now she could continue unimpeded, and she ran her
fingers through his long, dark hair, letting it fall sensuously
around and over them like a silken waterfall. Mercury again ran her
fingers through it and decided she really liked his hair.

Kunzite had continued to knead her breasts and kiss and suck on her
nipples until they both stood swollen, rosy and glisteningly damp.
The way Mercury was rhythmically pressing herself against him,
Kunzite decided she was probably ready. He knew he was.

Lifting himself a bit, Kunzite moved up as he continued to kiss his
way to Mercury's mouth. He kissed her lips and lowered himself
until his tip and shaft pressed against Mercury's slickened, soft
folds. He felt her stiffen anxiously and began to slowly rub his
length over her instead.

Mercury felt his tip and length slide over her, skimming between her
folds, and groaned. She decided she liked this better than anything
else Kunzite had done to her. As she wrapped her legs around his
hips, Mercury could feel herself quickly getting closer to her
release. She began to also reach for it, pressing her body harder
and faster against him where it felt so good.

By now, Kunzite was working very hard to keep control of himself and
of what they were doing. When he knew she was totally absorbed in
the quest for pleasure, he kissed her deeply and shifted so that,
with her next move, he would push into her.

For a moment, Mercury froze as she felt his foreignness slide deep
inside of her. It had hurt a little, but not half as much as she
had expected. Kunzite released her lips and whispered, "You okay?"

Mercury nodded, and Kunzite began to move in and out, stroking her
and hoping she was almost there since he wouldn't last doing this
for long. He had forgotten how very good it felt to sink into the
moist softness of a woman's body.

Just when Kunzite thought he couldn't hold back anymore, Mercury
frantically pressed up against him and gripped his shoulders, crying
out her pleasure. He felt her body's rhythmic contractions wrap
around him, squeezing him even tighter, and Kunzite lost it. Wave
after wave of pleasure flowed up from his groin and over him as he
groaned and repeatedly pulsed his seed deep into Mercury's body.
The cycle continued to escalate between them until both were fully
spent. Relaxing with sated sighs, Kunzite and Mercury slowly
returned to their reality.

It was at this point Mercury thought things started to get a bit
weird. Kunzite had his face buried against her neck, and he hadn't
moved off of her yet. She was starting to wonder when, or if, he
would move when she felt him tremble and a warm, wet drop trickled
onto her neck. She realized he was trying to hide it, but he was
crying. Now, Mercury couldn't say she was all that well versed in
the subject, but she didn't think that was the way this was supposed
to go. Did a man normally cry after what they did? Suddenly, great
racking sobs escaped Kunzite's mouth as if someone had pried it open
and ripped them from the bottom of his soul.

Mercury wasn't sure what to do at first, but then she realized he
was crying like a lonely, hopeless man with many sorrows and
regrets. The sympathetic part of Mercury, the part Metalia's dark
energy hadn't been able to completely squelch, understood
loneliness, sorrow and regret. Wrapping her arms tight around
Kunzite, Mercury stroked his hair and whispered soothing, reassuring
words to him until he finally calmed. Then, without saying a word,
Kunzite moved off of her and reached down to bring the covers up
over them. Pulling Mercury close in his arms, Kunzite spooned
himself against her back, and promptly fell asleep with a sigh.

Also sighing, Mercury decided she was too tired to try to figure
Kunzite out and she'd think about it again tomorrow.


The next morning Kunzite woke up early, like he did every morning to
exercise his sword and fighting skills. As he stretched and sighed,
Kunzite noticed he felt really good. His sleep had been deep and
satisfying, which was very unusual for him. It wasn't until he felt
Mercury roll over in her sleep that he remembered why.

Kunzite looked over at Mercury's bare shoulder peeking out from the
blanket and was tempted to wake her to do it again. He then
remembered how he had cried afterwards and decided to get up

Crying like that had really embarrassed him. No matter how hard he
had tried though, he hadn't been able to suppress it. Kunzite had
no clue why he had done it, and he wished he hadn't.

As he got cleaned up and dressed, Kunzite started to think about the
implications of what they had done. He realized that in many ways,
this would complicate things. He wouldn't admit it to himself, but
he was also more than half afraid that if they got close, whatever
it was that made him cry would happen again. Kunzite told himself
that with the way things were right now, he couldn't afford to be
distracted by this and last night had been a bad decision. However,
it had already been done and there was no way to make it undone. He
considered erasing Mercury's memory with a spell, but even at its
best that spell was unreliable. With her mind already so unstable,
he wasn't sure what would happen.

Back in the bedroom, Kunzite noticed Mercury was restlessly tossing
and murmuring in her sleep. [She must be dreaming,] he thought. He
continued that train of thought and wished that she could wake up
and think everything that had happened last night had only been a
dream. [No, that was too far fetched. It wouldn't work…would it?]

Suddenly deciding it was worth a try, Kunzite leaned over Mercury
and placed a deeper sleep spell on her. He quickly gathered her in
his arms, wrapped his cape around her and transported to her bedroom
in Tokyo.

Kunzite pulled the covers down on Mercury's bed, then gently put her
down and covered her up. He held his breath as Mercury mumbled and
rolled over, but didn't wake. Seriously hoping this would work,
Kunzite brushed one last, feather light kiss on her hair, then
quickly left.


A sunbeam shone through Dark Ami's bedroom window and woke her up.
Stretching, she noticed a little soreness in an unusual place, then
smiled and blushed as she remembered why. Ami opened her eyes to
see if Kunzite was still asleep and a panicky, disoriented feeling
swept over her as she realized she wasn't at all where she expected
to be.

Ami rubbed her eyes, looked around again, then muttered, "Nope, I'm
definitely in my own room."

Now totally confused, Ami wondered why she wasn't still in Kunzite's
bed. Could she have dreamed it? Ami shook her head and said,
"There's no way that was a dream. It was too real!" Ami threw her
covers off and examined herself. She was a little sore and sticky,
and Ami began to doubt as she thought, [I guess a really intense
dream could have done that to me.]

Intense dream was a gross understatement. That 'dream' had been so
realistic she could still remember what Kunzite's bedroom looked
like, and she definitely remembered what they had done and how it
had felt. Why would she have dreamed about Kunzite like that? She
reminded herself that she had always thought he was hot. [Well, I
guess that answers that question,] Ami thought, annoyed that her
body and mind would team up against her in her sleep.

Finally, Ami sighed and decided to get up to take a shower. As she
was getting dressed, Ami remembered how Kunzite had cried in her
dream. She muttered, "Why would I dream Kunzite cried like that?"
Suddenly, Ami's head began to ache, and it quickly built up to a
piercing pain. Sitting down on her bed, Ami held her head and hoped
it would subside soon. Each time this happened, she was afraid it
wouldn't stop.

The pain slowly began to fade, and Dark Ami sighed with relief. She
didn't know how or why, but she felt certain it was Sailor Moon's
fault her head hurt so much. One thing she knew, she was angry with
Sailor Moon and needed to get rid of her. If she did that then
maybe this pain would go away too. Dark Ami decided to think of a
way to deal with Sailor Moon once and for all.

As Dark Ami began to transform, she remembered what had happened to
her uniform in her dream. She thought, [If my uniform shows up
whole that will prove it really was a dream.] Finishing her
transformation, Dark Mercury looked down and wasn't surprised to see
her uniform fully intact. "See," she told herself, "It was just a


"…Meet me there and come alone."

Kunzite leaned up against the cave wall as he blatantly eavesdropped
on Mercury's phone conversation. He had heard the challenge in
Mercury's voice and knew she was speaking to Sailor Moon. He was
glad. Dark Mercury seemed stronger and even more determined than

"Right," Kunzite stated, startling her. Standing up straight, he
walked up behind Dark Mercury. Kunzite approvingly continued,
"Fight. That is the meaning of your existence now."

With her back still to him, Dark Mercury defiantly set her chin and
responded, "Even without you saying so, that was my plan." Turning
around to face Kunzite, she glared and warned, "If you interfere you
will also get hurt."

Forgetting his earlier resolve to keep things between them purely on
a business level, Kunzite smiled. He couldn't help being attracted
to Dark Mercury's confident and determined attitude. He noted as he
stepped closer to her, "You're fascinating…you have a totally open

Kunzite lifted his hand to caress her cheek, and Dark Mercury's
distrustful glare melted for a brief moment. Then, remembering that
Kunzite wasn't to be trusted regardless of what she had dreamed, she
angrily knocked his hand away.

At first, Kunzite was startled and annoyed by her reaction. His
expression dissolved into an amused, somewhat bitter, smirk as he
watched Dark Mercury walk away. It was obvious his plan to make her
think last night hadn't really happened had worked. Too bad he
couldn't convince himself of it too.