Act Image Gallery

Welcome to the Act Image Gallery! Below you find Toei's Act Images that were used weekly while the series was airing. Under each Act Image there is information on when the act aired. Enjoy!

"Make-up! Pretty Guardian Sailormoon" aired 9/27/2003

Act Zero: DVD ONLY- March 25, 2005

Act One: aired 10/04/2003

Act Two: aired 10/11/2003

Act Three: aired 10/18/2003

Act Four: aired 10/25/2003

Act Five: aired 11/01/2003

Act Six: aired 11/08/2003

Act Seven: aired 11/15/2003

Act Eight: aired 11/22/2003

Act Nine: aired 11/29/2003

Act Ten: aired 12/06/2003

Act Eleven: aired 12/13/2003

Act Twelve: aired 12/20/2003

Act Thirteen: aired 12/27/2004

Act Fourteen: aired 1/10/2004

Act Fifteen: aired 1/17/2004

Act Sixteen: aired 1/24/2004

Act Seventeen: aired 1/31/2004

Act Eighteen: aired 2/7/2004

Act Nineteen: aired 2/14/2004

Act Twenty: aired 2/21/2004

Act Twenty-one: aired 2/28/2004

Act Twenty-two: aired 3/6/2004

Act Twenty-three: aired 3/13/2004

Act Twenty-four: aired 3/20/2004

Act Twenty-five: aired 3/27/2004

Act Twenty-six: aired 4/3/2004

Act Twenty-seven: aired 4/17/2004

Act Twenty-eight: aired 4/24/2004

Act Twenty-nine: aired 5/1/2004

Act Thirty: aired 5/8/2004

Act Thirty-one: aired 5/15/2004

Act Thirty-two: aired 5/22/2004

Act Thirty-three: aired 5/29/2004

Act Thirty-four: aired 6/5/2004

Act Thirty-five: aired 6/12/2004

Act Thirty-six: aired 6/19/2004

Act Thirty-seven: aired 6/26/2004

Act Thirty-eight: aired 7/3/2004

Act Thirty-nine: aired 7/10/2004

Act Forty: aired 7/17/2004

Act Forty-one: aired 7/24/2004

Act Forty-two: aired 7/31/2004

Act Forty-three: aired 8/7/2004

Act Forty-four: aired 8/14/2004

Act Forty-five: aired 8/21/2004

Act Forty-six: aired 8/28/2004

Act Forty-seven: aired 9/4/2004

Act Forty-eight: aired 9/18/2004

Act Forty-nine: (Final Act) aired 9/25/2004

Act Fifty: (Special Act) DVD ONLY- Novemer 26, 2004

Above are images of a screen cap of the final act and the final act image saying "See You Again"!!!!

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