About Lilly

My Main Character from "Lost Princess of Nebula" also allias that I use for my online nickname of Lilly-chan!

Name: Tsukiyama, Lilly; Lilly Peacecraft
Online Nick Name: Lilly-chan
Birthday: September 11, 1982
Age?: 26 in human years, really over 1000 years. See in her race they age a lot slower than humans, but if you were to ask her what her real age is its so many years ahead of humans. (Kind of like Sailor Pluto for a refence)
Astrological Sign: Virgo
Height: 5'4
Blood Type: O+
Hobbies: Famous Singer, Famous Artist, the most powerful one in the universe and being a mother
Favorite Color: different shades of green
Favorite Gemstone: Sapphire
Favorite Food: Japanese Food, American Foods... all kinds
Least Favorite Food: Carrots
Favorite Subject: Art, Music, Any History, Science- mainly outer space
Least Favorite Subject: none
Strengths: Spirit, Loyalty, Memorization, Phchic, Physical Strength, Healing others and herself, Writing Lyrics, Singing, Painting, Talking to People, Right Peoples/Others Minds, Can see in the future and nows whats going to happen before it does, Can Fly (meaning she can really fly like the Saiyians do), Moves faster than the speed of light and is the most powerful one in the universe.
Weakness: Nightmares of her past
Goal: To get marry and have a family and to have a normal life and be with the people to she loves.
Special Attack: Diamond Dragon Enite, Diamond Spiral Wind, Dragon Illusion Blast, 8th Dragon Ball Blast (she is the holder/keeper of the 8th Dragon Ball), maha ki blast
Magical Powers: Levitation, Teleportation, Telekinesis, Illusions, Fantastic, Leaps, Communication through anything, Passing through objects, Ability to change her clothes at will, Sleeping Spells, Flight, Fly faster than the speed of light, Phchic, Invisible, Power to stop time (but she would without talking it over to Pluto first), Destory entire worlds, Keeper of the eight dragon ball, Healing others and herself
Transformation: Sailor Universe (very rarely), Legendary Ariloom Knight (very rarely), Legendary Warrior of Planet Nebula (very very rarely) Birthplace: Planet Nebula until age 3 when her home planet was destroyed
Location: On Planet Earth living in the Sanc Kingdom with her husband and children
Family: The youngest in her family and only surriver of the Tsukiyama Royal Family. (Note: English Name listed first then/ Japanese Name listed)
3 older brothers: Prince William/Wiriamu, Prince Brian/Buraian and Prince Lance/Ransu and 4 older sisters: Princess Elizabeth (Liz)/Erizabesu, Princess Christina/Kurisuti-na, Princess Ariel/Arieru and Princess Crystal/Kurisutaru. Her parents were Queen Isabella/Izabera and King James/Je-Muzu of the Tsukiyama Royal Family from Planet Nebula.
Status: Married to Milliardo Peacecraft aka Zechs Merquise
Childern: 8 childern in total! (Note: English Name listed first then/ Japanese Name listed)
2 girls from Prince Vegeta- Eve/Ibu (her first born and twin to Isabelle, but died at age 2 from a disease) and Isabelle/Izaberu (her 2nd born and twin to Eve. Named after her grandmother, Lilly's Mother.)
6 childern from Milliardo- 3 girls- Celia/Shira, Katarina(Named after Milliardo's mother and is a twin to William), Melissa/Merissa and 3 boys- Milliardo Jr./Mira-do, William/Wiriamu(Named after Lilly's older brother and is also a twin to Katarin), Van/Ban.
Friends: Usagi, Buruma, Vegeta (childhood friends), Kagome, Relena Peacecraft and many more

The Real Lilly!

Real Name: Margaret (Meg) Tyler
Nickname: Meg or your welcome to call me Lilly
Birthday: September 11, 1982
Astrological Sign: Virgo
Height: 5'6
Blood Type: O+
Hobbies: Working on my sites, reading manga, watching anime, drawing, making animations, being on deviantart.com
Favorite Color: different shades of green
Favorite Gemstone: Diamonds, Sapphires
Favorite Food: Japanese Food, American Foods... all kinds
Least Favorite Food: Carrots
Favorite Subject: Art, Japanese History, Science- mainly outer space
Least Favorite Subject: Math
Favorite Country/ Wished that I lived there: Japan
Goals: Travel the World, Visit Japan, Successful Artist making animations/artwork etc, Married with a family (really I wish I could find the right man that can make that happen)
Crushes: David Anders (Adam Monroe from Hereos), Jerry a JVKV (Former F4) band member (created from the Tawinese series Meteor Garden), Scott McNeil (hint look at the picture above) voice actor
Birthplace: Cincinnati, OH and was raise in Middletown, OH
Current Location: Westerville, OH
School?: Gradated from Middletown High in 2001, 4 years at Columbus College of Art and Design; Majored in Media Studies with Computer Animation
Status: Single
Family: I'm the oldest in my family and first grandchild born. I have 3 younger half-brothers (ages 18, 17 and 12) and a step-sister the same age of me (11/24/1982). Out of 11 grandchildren there are only 3 of us girls and the rest are boys.
Former Occupation: Currently working at Wendy's since 2002, but in the planning stages of getting out in my career with my art as soon as possible.
Favorite Anime: Inuyasha, Sailor Moon, Gundam Wing, Dragon Ball Z, Samurai Champloo, Naruto and One Piece to name a few.
Favorite Manga: Mars, Peach Girl, Paradise Kiss, Fruits Basket, Sailor Moon, Pet Shop of Horrors, Graviation, Junline, Masion Ikkoku and many more.
Live Avtion Drama series: BIG fan of "Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon" or PGSM the new live action series of Sailor Moon!, Mars (Zhan Shen) a Taiwanese Drama series (basic from the hit Manga series by Fuyumi Souryo; total of 21 eps.), Peach Girl a Taiwanese Drama Series, Meteor Garden season 1 and 2, Cutie Honey Live Action Movie, Prince who turn into a Frog, Devil Besides You, Full House, The Hospital to name a few.
to name a few.

Below are two clocks from Japan and from Westerville, OH from where Lilly is at. You can see what time it is in Japan and here in OH!)
See what time is it in Japan!

and in the Westerville, OH USA; where Lilly-chan lives^.^
(Note: There is a day and 13 hours difference between Japan and the US, at least where I live or depending where you live in the US it could be different. Feel free and check World Time Server: any time anywhere to see what your time is!)

Contact Information:
Email- lilly.peacecraft@[removethis]gmail.com
AIM- lilly peacecraft (say who you are first!)
MSN- nebula_senshi06@hotmail.com (say who you are first!)

If you have any question feel free to email me!

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