This section contains information about Naoko Takeuchi the creator of Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon.

*Information below came from my Takeuchi-sensei's Deviantart Fan Club and from my co-helper of takeuchi-sensei's DA Fan Club ~KinnoHitsu ji's "takeuchi-naoko.com".

Takeuchi, Naoko

Naoko Takeuchi interview (around 1992-1993*) (I found this video off youtube.com) Enjoy!
To view a "Takeuchi-sensei's husband, Togashi" from youtube.com.

Official Website --> Sailor Moon Channel
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To write to Takeuchi-sensei or email her:
Naoko Takeuchi-sensei
C/O Nakayoshi Kodansha Editorial
2-12-21, Otowa, Bunkyo-ku
Tokyo, 112-8001
E-mail: sailormoon@net.bandai.co.jp

Name Meaning:
take - Warrior, military chilvarious
uchi - inside, within, between, among, house, home;
nao - straightaway, honesty, frankness, fix, repair
ko - child, small, suffix for women's names

- Hime (by Togashi-sensei)
- Take (by Hiura Satoru)
- Takeuchi-sensei (by fans)
- Naoko-chan (By close friends and relatives, no fans.)

Heritage: Japanese
Gender: Female
Birthdate: March 15, 1967
Birthplace: Kofu city in Yamanashi Prefecture
Current Residence: Tokyo, Japan
Hair Color: Black
Hair Shape: wavy
Handedness: Right-handed
Interests: collecting antiques (especially mirrors and lamps), shopping, drawing, manga, anime, fashion, TV production, gardening, studying her husband (Yoshihiro Togashi), collecting Sailormoon merchandise.
Favourite band or musician: Smap, Amie Namuro
Favourite genre of music: Japanese
Favourite artist: Leiji Matsumoto (her inspiration for getting into manga), Yukari Ichijou
Favourite poet or writer: Marie Koizumi
Favourite style or digital art: Diverse Taste in Art
Operating System: Mac (probably OSX.4) (computer: Mac-chan)
Personal Quote: If you think writing songs is hard... Composing them is even harder.
Tools of the Trade: G-Pen Drawing Pen, tablet, Adobe Photoshop, beads, Canson, Kent, magazines (especially fashion magazines), catalogues, Mac-chan, etc.
talents: Can do real odango... which she does with rubberbands, and some hair pins. (check out Live Action sailormoon for reference).

Odango is singular and plural, BTW. (never add an s to it for the plural, it's improper Japanese grammar) Japanese has no real plural forms. (su, which is used to approximate the "s" sound in English, is mostly tacked on verbs to make the dictionary form, such as desu, shimasu, etc.) I think she does them by splitting the ponytail... then does a wrap, because the height of the odango ponytail doesn't change. (So both Renee Scofield and I were wrong) quoted by ~KinnoHitsuji

About Takeuchi-sensei:
Naoko Takeuchi (????- March 15, 1967) is a mangaka. She debuted in 1986 with "Love Call" which received "Nakayoshi New mangaka award.". Her most popular work, Bishoujo Senshi Sailor Moon was made into an anime, Theater Musicals and JDrama. To date, her Bishoujo Senshi Sailor Moon has been distributed in several countries. As for her other works- they are only in Japanese. PQ Angels was at one time going to be made into an anime, but due to Nakayoshi lossing seven manscripts of PQ Angel. The story is not finish and is on hitaus and may never continue unless Takeuchi-sensei decides to finish it.

She seems to come from a well off family. She definately doesn't seem poor, afterall Juuban is a relatively rich district, which is where she used to live and where the story Bishoujo Senshi Sailormoon is mainly set. Takeuchi-sensei liked drawing manga since she was young. She was in the drawing club in high school, and often drew manga. Her first official manga was at 18. She started contributing to Nakayoshi while in high school. In 1986, while she was attending Kyoritsu Yakka (pharmacy) University, she made her debut as mangaka with "Love Call" which received "Nakayoshi New mangaka award." It was published in "Nakayoshi Deluxe" September 1986 issue. After graduation, she took a job as pharmacist at Keio Hospital. She is a licensed pharmacist (though she admitted that she's a little rusty ^^. She says she still loved drawing manga but since she worked hard to earn her degree, she wanted to try that, too. Although she was working full time, her editor (Not Osa-P back then.) continued to encourage Naoko-sensei to draw manga. Eventually Osa-P came to edit, and together they created a lot of the manga that we know, including "The Cherry Project" After completing the series, Takeuchi-sensei wanted to do "fighting magical girls for love and justice. Osa-P asked her to do them in Sailor suits. Thus, "Codename wa Sailor V" was created. (starting with vol. 3) "Codename wa Sailor V" was so popular that Toei wanted to make it into an anime. Kodansha and Toei struck a deal with Takeuchi to create the manga simutaneously with the anime (with the key parts of the anime coming first). The anime was to be called, "Bishoujo Senshi Sailor V", but she and Osa-P decided to model the anime on the five soldier action figures that's common in Japan. So she recreated the show, with a new heroine, Sailormoon, and then decided to make her the leader. She created "Bishoujo Senshi Sailormoon" (starting with the act where Sailor V Shows up). However, she did not give up the serialization of Sailor V, and continued it even after Sailormoon was done. (She did it on and off) Sailormoon was then run in the Nakayoshi Febuary 1992 issue. That was popular too, so they started the anime of Sailor Moon which debuted March 7, 1992. The anime was very popular and was sent to foriegn countries. She has since then been collecting Sailor Moon Merchandise, and antiques. (Her favorite anime is Sailor Moon, of course, and no one in the entire world can claim that they are a bigger fan than she is. ^_^) She has called herself an old lady (adorned with *sniff*s), and a Princess, the latter is a nickname between Togashi-sensei and herself! (They are a really cute couple!) She left Kodansha after they lost 7 pages of her original manuscript for her PQ Angels!, which she wanted to put out in tankoubon. But then she reconciled with Kodansha later, just enough to get them to print The Materials Collection (which was one of the other reasons she left). She also printed the Infinity Art Collection book, which is more od a memorial to Sailormoon. She is now currently married and making manga so she can fuel her antiques hobby. She has a new boss now that isn't Osa-P (who she said left for another magazine). She published "Hime to Ouji no Baby Punch!!" in Shueisha and is enjoying her leisurely life of only occasionally drawing a manga, and has now found a love of gardening. Kodansha is still trying to get her to return to Kodansha, but she seems reluctant (afterall, they did lose her manuscripts, and didn't let her search for them.. threatened to not let her publish the Materials Collection.. and didn't give her her fan letters..). She doesn't seem to have a contract with Shueisha and is simply freelancing, and helping her husband with Hunter X Hunter.
Summary by ~KinnoHitsuji

Listed below are her works in order:

Prism Time Vol.1
- gradation 1, Tamaki Peppermint (April 1987)
- gradation 2, Saura Sunset (May 1987)
- gradation 3, Mizuki Moonglow (June 1987)
- Gomen ne Wednesday (December 1988 )
About: A collection of manga short stories done by Takeuchi Naoko, from her debut in 1986 through her first work after the completion of Sailor Moon in 1997. Tamaki, Saura, Mizuki. The time of transparent love for three girls who have meetings by chance... Naoko's three-part love serial finally appears in response to fervent requests. Love changes girls into adults. A one-part work is also included.

Prism Time Vol.2:
- Rain Kiss
- Yume Miru Rainy Button (January 1987)
- Secret na kata omoi (October 1986)
- Love Call (September 1986)
- Yume ja nai no ne (drawn at 18!, her first official manga) (November 1985)
About: A collection of manga short stories done by Takeuchi Naoko, from her debut in 1986 through her first work after the completion of Sailor Moon in 1997. Prism Time. That is the sweet, painful, beautiful moments of loving girls. From the newest work, Rain Kiss, to the debut and wondrous first appearing work, it's volume 2 of the series gathering short stories of the jewels of love.

Code Name wa Sailor V:

- Vol. 1-3 (note: she did vol. 3 FIRST) (Summer 1991-November 1997)
- Vols. 1-3 were Release in a 2 volume in Oct. 2004
About- The story centers around a thirteen-year-old girl named Aino Minako. She is told by a white cat named Artemis that she is to become the sailor-suited fighter for love and justice. It is a short series that tells of how the heroine learns her real identity and becomes a good soldier. She meets many villains, courtesy of the Dark Agency, and triumphs over each one in her quest for peace. The story was written as a prelude to the series Bishoujo Senshi Sailormoon. Some of the characters from BSSM make special appearances in CNSV. CNSV was Takeuchi-sama's second major project. It was intended to be a cute short story, but recieved unexpected, massive popularity, which prompted the making of BSSM. Takeuchi started this project in the summer of 1991, and it ran until November 1997 in Run-Run Magazine.

Bishoujo Senshi Sailor Moon:

- Vol. 1-18 (February 1992- March 1997)
- 5 artbooks, 1 Materials Collection, 1 Infinity Collection
- Vol. 1-12 (Released New Editions of the Manga started releasing at the end of the year 2003)
-Name changed to Pretty Guadian Sailor Moon on the covers of the manga right around when PGSM started and the released manga came out.
- Side Stories Vols. 1-2 (New for 2004)

PUBLISHED BY PNP Establishment
(PNP= Princess Naoko Planning)
She established this company name to manage her properties for mainly Sailor Moon. Later this encompassed Togashi's work as well. She runs it by herself. This name shows up on several musical credits such as Shin Kaguya Shima Densetsu.


Chocolate Christmas
- Chocolate Christmas (December 1987, January 1988 )
- Wink Rain (July 1988 - September 1988 )
About: Chocolate Christmas is about a DJ named Choco (I won't spoil who it is.), a girl named Ryouko (No relation to Tenchi's Ryoko.), her friend Makiko, and an annoying boy named Keiki! Ever nolstalgic, beautifully crafted, and sweet; it's funny story with a few quirks here and there.
Check out- "chocolatechristmas.takeuchi-naoko.com"

Miss Rain:

- Miss Rain (July 1990)
About- Miss Rain is the story of a girl named Kuramitsu Rena, nicknamed "Miss Rain." Although she's a fashion idol, she's only in the seventh grade. Wherever she goes, it's bound to rain. Like your typical heroine of a shoujo manga story, she loves, and is loved.
- Boku no Pierce Girl (May 1989)
About- Boku no Pierce Girl actually means "My Earring Girl." -Love triangle story
- July Marmalade Birthday (July 1989)
About- July Marmalade Birthday is a really, really cute short story. Plot wise, it's a typical shoujo romance, with moments of miscommunication between the spunky tomboy and the standoffish love interest. What sets it apart, though, is the sparkling dialogue and the wonderful characterization. It's a really fun read.
- Maigo no Swing (February 1988)
About- Maigo no Swing, "Lost Child's Swing," is the most solemn story of the "Miss Rain" collection. There's little of the cute humor present in the other stories, and the conflict is not playful at all.
- Itsumo Issho ne (April 1987)
About- Itsumo Issho ne, "Always Together," is a story that seems cute and playful on the outside, but contains quite a bit of emotion on the inside. It features a spunky girl, a quiet boy, and dogs with very strange names.
About: Miss Rain is a collection of short romances, published in 1993 by Kodansha. The back cover calls the five stories "jeweled masterpieces;" feel free to browse around and see for yourself. Miss Rain, Boku no Pierce Girl, July Marmalade Birthday, Maigo no Swing and Itsumo Isshou ne
Check out- "missrain.takeuchi-naoko.com"

The Cherry Project: It ran from October 1990 to December 1991, and is published in three volumes.

- Vol. 1-3 (October 1990- December 1991)
- Sono go no Maria (August 1990) (written with Nekobe Neko-sensei)
About: The story is about a 14 year-old girl named Asuka Chieri, daughter of an All-Japan skating champion. Befriended with her childhood inspiration, Masanori Tsuzuki, Chieri reveals to be a prodigy iceskater, but with a fatal flaw. While finding herself, her love, and her passion, Chieri searches for the key that she is missing... So becomes "The Cherry Project."
Check out- "cherryproject.takeuchi-naoko.com"

PQ! Angels: It ran in Nakayoshi from September to December 1997

- Chapter 1-4
- On Hitaus/not finish and may never contince unless Takeuchi-sensei decides to finish it. Due to Nakayoshi lossing seven manscripts of PQ Angel.
About: PQ Angels is a story of two alien girls, from the planet Furien (which means cockroach), who are sent on a mission to find their exaulted leader, Queen Anko. The details about her disappearence are completely enigmatic. The reader is unsure if the Queen ran away, or was kidnapped from her home. To add to the mystery, it is all connected somehow to an object called the Giraffe stone, which is also a complete enigma. ^_- So the girls go off to Earth as cockroaches, in hopes of finding their queen. On the way, they go through hilarious antics learning Earth's ways, and have trouble covering up for themselves at times! The girls develop crushes on the cute boys who live next door, and have to go to school as well, to keep "under cover". Add to this some bad guys they meet on the way, and you have a pretty cute story.
Check out- "pqangels.takeuchi-naoko.com"

Love Witch: It ran in Nakayoshi from April to June 2002

- Three Chapter series 2002 from issues 4-6
About: About a girl named ai-chan. Her family is full of witches, she could possiblity become one as well. Ai-chan is the twin sister of Yuu and has two more siblings. Her mother died when she was born, but on her 13th birthday she finds a little witch doll which will show her what secret ai-chan beholds.
Check out- "lovewitch.takeuchi-naoko.com"

Sister Witch:

Love Witch Extra - September 2002

Toki Meka/Toki*Meca:

- single installment/Yomikiri means roughly one-shot. Toki Meka started as most manga do, as a one-shot.
-serial tankoubon version
- January 2005 Issue newest continuing Chapters?
About: A girl named Ikase Hoshiko is just in the middle of completing what she refers to as her "super friend" who turns out to be a robotic girl.
More Information: Toki*Meca is Naoko's newest series. Our heroine is Mimii, who is given a robot girl named Toki*Meca as a birthday present. Toki*Meca uses a cellphone to communicate with a much smaller version of herself, and seems to have been designed to watch over Mimii.
more...: Toki*Meca was Takeuchi Naoko's first manga after a hiatus of nearly four years. It appeared as a yomikiri in the September 2001 issue of Nakayoshi. At the end was a note requesting letters from people who would like to see a continuation.

Check out- "tokimeka.takeuchi-naoko.com"

Punch Series!

Currently on hitaus! It was published by Young You! Punch is not in volume format yet. If your lucky you can find/buy back issues of Young You with Punch in it.

Takeuchi Naoko-hime no Shakai Ushi? Punch!! Princess Takeuchi Naoko Back-to-Society? Punch!!
(December 1998 - March 1999)
- Rounds 1-4
- with Togashi Yoshihiro-sensei
(Young You, 1998-1999) This story contains four parts and is an autobiography.

Naoko-hime to Yoshihiro-ouji no Marriage Punch!! Princess and Prince's Marriage Punch!!
(April 1999- 2000)

- Rounds 1-?
- with Togashi Yoshihiro-sensei

Naoko-hime to Yoshihiro-ouji no Baby Punch!! Princess and Prince's Baby Punch!!
- Rounds 1-?
- with Togashi Yoshihiro-sensei
- Endied in Shueisha with the closing of Young You.
(Young You, January 2001) This one is a story she did about her own life. Hime is Naoko-sensei and Ouji is her husband.

Hime to Ouji to Petit Ouji no Punch!!
- Rounds 1-18 (so far as of March 2004, also some on the internet.)
- with Togashi Yoshihiro-sensei

Illustrations/Collaborations/Written Books:
Maria (December 1989- 1990)

Written by Koizumi Marie
Illustrated by Takeuchi-sensei
About: Maria consists of a series of stories, compiled into one volume. It's based on the story Daddy Longlegs. However the manga showed itself again in "After Maria" which is in the back of the Third Volume of the Cherry Project. That story was jointed by Neko Nekobe illustrated by Takeuchi-sensei (Goldfish Warning).
Check out- "maria.takeuchi-naoko.com"

Mermaid Panic:

About: Mermaid Panic is a set of four novels
Written by Koizumi Marie
Illustrated by Naoko. They previously worked together on the Maria story. The story appears to be an expanded rehash of Hans Christian Anderson's The Little Mermaid (not the Disney version!)
More info/pictures check out- "Tsuki Matsuri"

Watashi no wagamama o kiite:

About: Watashi no wagamama o kiite is a novel
Written by Koizumi Marie
Illustrated by Naoko. They previously worked together on the Maria story.
More info/pictures check out- "Tsuki Matsuri"

Zettai, Kare wo Ubatte Miseru!

About: Zettai, Kare wo Ubatte Miseru! Is a novel written by Koizumi Marie and illustrated by Naoko. They previously worked together on the Maria story.

Childern's Book/Picture Book with Takeuchi-sensei's husband!:

In October 2005 Takeuchi-sensei released a childern's book with her husband, Yoshihiro Togashi (HunterXHunter, Yu Yu Hakusho) called "Ooboomee and Chiboomee," which translates to "Big Boomee and Little Boomee". For a translation please check out Jay's from Genvid, translations at "Review: Takeuchi's New Picture Book, "Big Boomee and Little Boomee""
*A children's book written for her son's birthday.
The Only Place you can buy this childern's book is off Amazon Japan--> "here"

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