Chapter 7 (untitled)

Mars replied, I have no idea whats happenning to her now, so we think we better get both of them to king crown karoke to without anybody noticing us so I'm sure Motoki will not notice us if we can get Luna to hyponitze Motoki. Mercury agrees with Mars, both of them starts to carrying de-transformed unconscious Minako to their shoulders to support as they walks to King's Crown karoke to get past Motoki, and so they finally got settled down in senshi's secret room.

Luna conjures up the bed for Minako, so Rei and Ami could set Minako down so she could awaken any soon or so as for Makoto puts Usagi down on couch as blanket being put on.

*Minako's flashback of Invasion on Moon Kingdom*

Venus and the senshi were happily talking to Serenity and Endymion, all of sudden the fight were erupted and the explosions going off across the Moon Kingdom's beautiful gardens, Venus shouted at Endymion take Serenity to safety where she wont get hurt badly along with you too.... *turns to the senshi, lets go!* As for the rest of Moon Kingdom's army come to stop the invasion from dark kingdom and Beryl-sama herself! The cackles rang out through out the fields of Moon Kingdom's can be echoes as it gets louder, which it reaches the Moon Kingdom as Venus and the senshi hears the booming voice.

*Meanwhile in Senshi room*

Few minutes later Rei and the girls, Luna were discussing about what ever caused Usagi and Minako faints... Rei said about Minako's condition, Minako is rapidly not doing too well with her condition cause she is losing her powers whenver Minako tries to summon her attacks against youma few times, I've seen her losing her attack against youma back in the day when Minako reveals herself as Sailor Venus. Luna says its not that possible for a leader of senshi to lose her powers like that way, its not so normal... The senshi and Luna looks over at two unconscious girls and not knowing if they ever regain their consciousness?

*Usagi's unconsciousness mind*

At Moon Kingdom corridors, she and Prince Endymion on the run to find places to hides from Beryl-sama as the fighting erupt continues which it gets worse. Beryl-sama appears out of now where right behind Prince Endymion an Princess Serenity, which Serenity sensed the intruder lurk behind them, Beryl-sama stabbed Endymion right through him with his own weapon! Serenity screams No!!!!!!!!!!!!! as it rung out across the Moon Kingdom loudly. Beryl cackles and taunts Serenity, "Ha I've killed your beloved Endymion!" Serenity drops to ground and hugging her lifeless prince's and screaming his name, "Endymion! please be all right, he didnt respond to Serenity's pleading."

*Ami-chan checks Usagi and Minako's condition*

Ami goes over to check on Usagi and Minako's condition to see if its improve or not, mmm looks like Usagi is about to come around any min, and I'm not sure about Minako's condition as well. Artemis, can u connect to her life force to see if she is regain her conconsious or not, if its not We have no choice to have her to go back to hospital asap if her condition is not improving, agree with me? Artemis nods in agreement with Ami-chan.

Artemis went to join Minako's and checks to see anything going on within her lifeforce, mmm it seems something isnt right which caused Artemis to break the connection between him and Minako's. Artemis wakes up and informs Ami-chan, Im afraid thing isnt look good in Minako's condition I'm afraid that we may have no choice.

Usagi's groans comes out, as scared the senshi and Ami-chan, "Oh Usagi! you finally regained thats good, dont sit up too fast, just lay down and rest for a while okay?." said, Ami-chan Usagi: what happened? where am I? Luna replied, Usagi you're all right, for your information you're in senshi room with me and others including Minako as well Unfortunately Minako fainted all of suddenly, she hasnt able to regain her consciousness just yet I'm afraid its not good news anyway.

Usagi: Minako? *sees Minako laying unconsciousness in bed across from the room* which Rei is sitting right next to Minako's bedside manner*, poor Rei, its must be taking hard on her to know that Minako isnt doing too well cause of her condition. If only I ve come in with full power to control the Ginzuishou to heal her but I cant. Oh Minako-chan we need you to come back to us...

*Back in Minako's flashbacks*

Venus shouted, Beryl-sama?! it can't be you the one lead the invasion on this Moon Kingdom?! *looks at fallen Moon Kingdom army every where as Beryl-sama advances and kills the rest of senshi* Venus screams, Mars! Jupiter! Mercury No! as they gets killed by Beryl-sama on the field right along with over thousands of fallen Moon Kingdom army. Venus suddenly thought of her princess Serenity so she ran to find Serenity and Endymion in time but she witnessed Beryl-sama killing Endymion as his body hits the ground, which cause Serenity screams Endymion's name as it echoes throughout the Moon Kingdom. Beryl-sama cackles at Serenity, ha pity that your mother is dead! *Beryl-sama disappers with 4 lifeless Shintennou* Venus gets closer but Serenity picks up Endymion's bloody sword and stabs right through her and slumps to ground right next to Endymion and said, "I'll find u in next life if no matter how many times we're reborn." Venus screams No, Princess!

*continued in senshi's secret room*

Artemis frowns sadly, mmm no changes, I think its time for me to change into my human form and take Minako to her apartment and take care of her myself till she regains cause she needs her medicine, which its at her apartment, so thanks for all of your help! so take care everybody and be on guard all times if its cost to protect princess. Artemis picks unconscious form of Minako in his arm, and leaves the senshi room within few mins as Artemis arrived at Minako's apartment on 17th floor of apartment building, as He arrives at Minako's apartment door, the door opens, which he just shut the door close. He tells Minako, hang on *walks to Minako's bedroom and set her down. He goes to pick up Minako's medicine from bathroom's cabient and comes back to get Minako settled in and got cup of water and medicine. He gets Minako up and puts Minako's medicine in her mouth and drinks some of water as well then set Minako down. He sighs, "Minako, u gotta get better soon, the senshi needs you." as he checks Minako's forehead, ooh you burnt up, *grabs the bowl which is filled with cold water and squeezes the cloth* as he puts it over Minako's fore head to cool down the fever. Artemis sighs as he reverted back to cat form, he goes to sit on her legs and goes to sleep for night.

Few hours later, around 1 or 2am, Minako starts to regains her consciousness but spoke something which startles Artemis out of his catnap as Artemis hears Minako calls out to princess again in her sleep, as he frowns sadly in knowing that his senshi is dying and getting close to her death very soon as he says "Oh Minako I wanted to tell u something but I cant, this time isnt right time so shall I can wait to tell u when its right time... Minako finally stop calling out to princess as medicine kicks in, which got Minako to sleep peacefully and she'll be awake up in no time to be fully regains soon.

*kirari to be continued!!!!! man -_- still expericing with writer's block argh! why cant this damn writer's block go away so i can write more to finish the last 5 chapters to end this fan fic....

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