Chapter 6

Beryl said, "The Shitennou were resurrected by myself with a word they will kill themslves."

*Shintennou still struggling with their weapons which is still points to themselves*

Kunzite shouted, "What?!"

Beryl yelling at Mamoru by his name Endymion and said to him, "If you dont want to wish for your precious Shintennou to die then come to me!"

Sailor Moon shouted, "No! how cruel!"

Beryl kept telling Endymion, about the past that she has feelings for him! only to him... so come to me after all I know you will not let the Shintennou down since they're were your guardians after all.

Kunzite's sword advances to attack at himself as he continues to struggling with it*

Mamoru screams "Stop!"

Beryl screams "Come to me Endymion!" to Mamoru across the field

Moon speaks out, "Wait a moment! this doesnt mean anything that u can change someone's feeling to return the love back to you!"

Beryl yells at Moon to silence her as Shintennou powered up the weapons to attack at Moon

All of sudden Venus orders the senshi to jump in front of princess to protect her as Moon looks at them put up the force field.

*The Senshi's force field up but it was directly hit as it breaks!*

The senshi screams as they hit the ground after hit as Venus looks so angry, Moon screams Everyone!

Mamoru looks in horror, as Luna pops out so are Artemis same time while they're telling the senshi "Are you guys ok?" The senshi didnt replied to the moon cats. *Moon looks at her guardians are down on the ground, said "How terrible"

Beryl shouted again at Mamoru, "Endymion!, how long I'll wait for you?!" *snaps fingers at Shintennou to bring up the weapons against them again*

Mamoru screams "Wait! I understand"

*The Senshi and Moon looks at Mamoru*

Beryl yells at Mamoru, "Thats right come to me at once!"

*Mamoru walks across the field to Beryl*

Moon looks in horror as Mamoru walks continues

The Shintennou yelling at their Master, "Why?! Is he going to save us? Master!"

*Mamoru getting closer and closer as Kunzite breaks free, as he tries to attack at Mamoru* *Kunzite were frozen so he couldnt attack Mamoru as Mamoru walks past him on way to Queen Beryl*

Moon gasps in horror, "No"

*Queen Beryl looks delighted as Mamoru in her arms*

*Moon gasps in horror once again*

All of sudden, Sailor Moon changed her voice into someone else and said, "Don't touch him!"

*Queen Beryl was caught off-guard, and Mamoru so both of them heard Sailor Moon's strict voice. As they looks to see whats happening to her*

*Across the field, Venus turned around to look whats happening as the rest of senshi gasps as they looks at their fellow senshi, Moon is all engulfs in golden light as it spreads all around her.*

*Queen Beryl screams "What?!" as the shintennou and mamoru braces themselves against the impact of the Moon's golden light*

*Mamoru gasps, as he screams Usagi!!!!*

*Princess's Harp playing in background*

As you can see the Moon kingdom comes to life, you see Princess Serenity right there on the steps as she walks down gracefully into Sailor Moon's body as Sailor Moon gasps after she enters the body of Moon's. Now she is already transformed into higher power as Princess Sailor Moon.

*Back to Earth, Princess Sailor Moon appears*

Queen Beryl looks at her, and Mamoru gasps as he looks at Princess Sailor Moon which Usagi isnt herself at all. Venus and the senshi looks in the horror at the sight of Princess Sailor Moon even the Moon cats screaming out Usagi's name, which Princess Sailor Moon didnt respond to the Moon cats's calling....

*Princess Sailor Moon looks very angry, Queen Beryl screaming "What?!" in horror at the sight of Princess as she screams What this is?!*

*Queen Beryl attacks Princess, with her shrieking petals coming out of her hands at Princess as it went off in explosions, Mamoru gasps in horror while he is looking at the explosions as Beryl cackles*

All of sudden, the fire went down so Princess comes out uninjured and Queen Beryl's cackles went dead as she gasps. Princess walking as Beryl shouted at brainwashed Shintennou to kill Princess, the Shintennou powered their weapons as well.

*Princess summoned her Ginzuishou Sword to defend herself, as she deflects the attack as she throws off the attacks it turned into a series of explosions along the way as she walks.*

The Senshi gets up from the ground, Jupiter said Amazing! thats not the Usagi which we know! Mars asks, "Who the hell that person was?" Venus replied to the senshi's question, "Its the Princess, Princess Serenity" as the senshi gasps in horror as they watching this event go unfold as Priness Sailor Moon walks along the way to Queen Beryl.

*Princess lifts her ginzuishou sword, as Mamoru calls out to Usagi!*

Queen Beryl yells at Princess, "Princess! it will not be easy, now I am you equal! No, I am more powerful than as you think it is!"

*Princess still advancing her path to get closer and closer, as her ginzuishou sword flickers*

Queen Beryl shouting, Are you listening to me?! to stay back and drop the sword! Which Princess is still not respond to Beryl's commands.

*Queen Beryl sends the shrieking petals attack at Princess once again!*

*Princess deflects the attacks as it throws across the fields as explosions went off, and another series of explosions around Princess's own guardians screams as the explosions go off around them which Princess didnt stop and look whats happening to her own guaridans, Princess still keep advancing on her path*

*Queen Beryl screams "Insolent ruffian!" as she sends her final shrieking petals attack at Princess*

*Princess suddenly thrust her sword up as she summons the Ginzuishou sword to engulf the shrieking petal attack as the senshi watches the Princess Sailor Moon in horror as she made the orb to be created by striking into a Star to be made into a powerful star orb after creating the star orb, which she puts her sword down and sends it back at Queen Beryl, it set the huge explosions goes off as it shook up the Shintennou along with Queen Beryl and Mamoru in it!

Princess with her sword is still up and shouted, "The one being insolent is you!" at Queen Beryl

*Queen Beryl gasps as she being scared of Princess Sailor Moon*

*The Senshi moved little step closer*

Queen Beryl screams "Princess, Curse you! Endymion! stop this at once as you must eliminate Princess Serenity!! Therefore you are mine! If you do refuse"

*Queen Beryl flickers her eyes to turn Nephrite's weapon against Nephrite, as he gasps when he saw his sword.*

*Nephrite stabs himself, Mamoru gasps in horror so are the rest of senshi*

Nephrite screams Beryl-Sama!

*Queen Beryl chuckles*

Princess Sailor Moon didnt react which what happened to Nephrite, which she didnt blinks some what she is in some kind of trance.

*Nephrite's body falls as it thud against the rock quarry on ground*

Jadeite screams, "Nephrite?!" as he gasps in horror, so are the rest of Shintennou as Mamoru looks sadly, he started to walk towards to Princess Sailor Moon. Queen Beryl notices Mamoru walking, as she calls out to Mamoru's former life by its name "Endymion" which Mamoru is still not respond to Queen Beryl's calling for his name.

Mamoru continues to walk to get to Princess Sailor Moon, as he got close to her, some how Princess Sailor Moon lowered her Ginzuishou sword down all of sudden she calls out to him "Endymion".

Mamoru looked at Princess's eyes to search for his Usagi as he grabbed her in his embrace hug, he calls out to her, "Usagi, can you hear my voice?"

*Princess Sailor Moon was embraced as she hears Mamoru calls out to her*

Mamoru calls out to Usagi once again, "Enough! come back to me, Usagi!"

All of sudden, Princess Sailor Moon gasps as she was engulf into golden light as she reverted back to normal self as Usagi, Usagi was back in her regular school uniform.

Usagi was bit disoriented to know whats going on as she looks up at Mamoru all of sudden, the senshi screams Usagi's name "Usagi-chan!"

*Usagi turns around and sees the senshi at her side as she turns back and look at Mamoru once again as he miles at her, Queen Beryl screams "Endymion, come!" Usagi and the senshi looks at Queen Beryl.

Usagi looks at Mamoru, Mamoru looks at her as he puts his hands on her shoulders and turns around while he walks back to Queen Beryl, which Jadeite is still reacting to Nephrite's dead body laying on the ground.

Usagi was upset, all of sudden she calls out Mamoru's name!

Mamoru turns around, tells Usagi that "Its all right, I'll come back"

Usagi watches him, as Queen Beryl takes the rest of Shintennou including Mamoru into her realm of Dark Kingdom as they disappears before Usagi's eyes.

Venus looks at her Princess, she seems to be very concerned about her as well, the rest of senshi is still reacts to events of Queen Beryl taking Mamoru and Princess Sailor Moon.

*Usagi looks sadly, as she calls out Mamoru and looks down to her star locket watch*

All of sudden, she faints! Jupiter screams Usagi's name as Jupiter and Mercury to grab Usagi before she hits the ground... Venus and Mars ran to Usagi's side as well. Mercury calls out to Usagi's name as she wipes Usagi's tear away....

Venus looks down to her princess whom is unconscious as Mars is very upset and bit very angry while she asked Venus the question "This is all burden from past because we bear the burden of past life?! why?!." Venus didnt reply to Mars's question as she looks sadly and very concerned about princess all of sudden, Mercury and Jupiter looks up at Venus. Venus looks down and sees Unconscious Usagi is laying in Jupiter's arms. All of sudden, Venus starts to feel the heavy throbbing in her head, she starts to swaying to faint as it hits the ground, it caught Mars and others attention to look at whats happening to her. Jupiter still holding Usagi in her arm, as Mars ran to unconscious Venus's side even with Mercury asks Mars whats happening?

*Kirari to be continued!* chapter 7 is almost here! Next on chapter 7, here is the question? Is Usagi and Minako all right? will they ever regain the consciousness or not You'll find out!

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