Welcome to Moonlight Real Girls: Live Action- A fansite/fanlisting site that is dedicated to the live action series Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon that was shown over in Japan on Saturday mornings from October 4, 2003 to September 7, 2004! I've been a fan of Sailor Moon ever since the anime/manga first appeared over here in USA! I'm very glad that they made a drama series that is based from the manga! Feel free to browse around the site and make sure you join too!

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    Fanlisting created on: January 14, 2004
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As of January 26, 2013- Currently having issues with spammers joining the fanlisting. I'm in the process of adding a filler that provides spam. If your a fan of Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon (live action) your more and welcome to join just please provide a workable email address and if you have a website please make sure you have one of our link buttons or text link linking back to the site. Thanks! Just want to keep this fanlisting active will real fans not spam! ~Lilly-chan

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    January 26, 2013: Wow it has been a long since I've updated Moonlight Real Girls. I'm sorry about that. There was a peroid of time that I loss access to my Dreamweaver program that I use to manage my website layouts. Also I ended up lossing some of my website files when one of my harddrives and older laytop die on me back in 2011. Leaving me to re-download and backup my files from my server. Jump forward..... now with a newer laytop, new harddrive and a newer version of Dreamweaver I'm slower getting back to make more updates. Also I am looking for a better way to manage my sites.

    Now I can officially say after 9 years (since the fanlistings and site has turn 9 years old back on the 14th. I hope to next year make a change for its 10 year birthday! wow) this site has been officially been approve from TheFanlistings.org ! Back in 2004 when I first tryed to apply for the site to be listed on TheFanlistings.org someone bet me to it by a day and since 2004 there was always another site listed there until recently. So by chance I went ahead and tried for a second time around and this time I got it! Woot! I'm so happy.

    In meantime while I try to play caught up, check out my deviantArt Groups- liveactionsailormoon, Naoko Takeuchi, Seramyu and Family of Moonlight.

    As for Family of Moonlight Blog the site is still on hitaus until further notice. I do not have time to keep up with the blog, but as for the team we have been posting and keeping the devianArt Group alieve! So for those that like to send in fanrt, fanfics, cosplay photos, convention reports etc please check out our deviantArt Group- Family of Moonlight.

    That's it for now!

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